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Thread: Just a hello!

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    Just a hello!

    Hi there - just introducing myself and saying hello to the people here.... I actually recognise a few names from forums back in the days of Diablo 2.

    Only just got TQ and I am loving it. I love hack and slash fests and I am a student of classical antiquity so I really love the setting.

    Current chars are:

    Talisman: Level 35 Dual Wield Conquerer (and he is already feeling the pain)
    Oracle: Level 15 um Oracle
    Enkidu: Level 6 Ranger-to-be

    Anyone reading this who is interested in either extreme variant builds or Hardcore play - let me know of your experiences as this is where I will be going once I've beaten the game a couple of times. Some here might remember my penchant for absurd variant builds!!


    Spearthrower, thrower of spears..... (but not in this game )

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    Re: Just a hello!

    Welcome on board and enjoy your stay!

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    Re: Just a hello!

    Greetings Spearthrower, welcome to the community, we're glad to have you join us!! You'll find lots of hardcore players and players with an assortment of variant builds here.

    Again, glad to have you with us!!

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    Re: Just a hello!

    An "official" Hello & Welcome from me as well...I've enjoyed reading several of your comments/observations/opinions throughout the forum

    Glad you found your way to TQ land!

    Good Hunting!

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    Re: Just a hello!

    Cheers guys. Yes, I am still getting a firm handle on the game.... starting to feel confident enough now to look into making some silly builds. Once I have finished off this set of characters I will start the planning.

    Hardcore and silly variants for the WIN!

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    Re: Just a hello!

    Spear thrower, spear thrower, spear chucker from diablo 2??

    yeah, I think that rings a bell.

    How the heck are you mate?! I just signed up myself 10 minutes ago, about to post my own intro thread and saw you name and thought, no, it couldn't be but yep, it looks like it is!

    So, do you know if we can blame durf here too?

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    Re: Just a hello!


    Of course we can blame Durf, that's what Durf's there for!

    It's been some time eh? Still post on the SP forum? I cant even remember the address!!!

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    Re: Just a hello!

    Yeah, it sure has. I still post there and still play the game every now and then, but that will most likely change soon. I've been on a bit of a spending spree buying myself a new computer rig to replace my ye old P3 1 gig/geforce 3/256meg ram/windows 98se system.

    With an old box like that, there isn't much you can play besides these old games.

    I tossed a link into your pm for you. I think that thread would be very appropriate for you to duck in and say hello in!

    Anyway, hope to see you around these forums. maybe we could hook up for some Mp or some trading perhaps!

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