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Thread: [THE DESTROYER] - A complete Champion build guide.

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    Re: [THE DESTROYER] - A complete Champion build guide.

    Now that you need -100% recharge and don't rely on refresh, isn't nature kind of pointless? Wouldn't you be much better off with Storm or Earth (maybe Dream)? Looking through the item database, the majority of the non-green gear with -recharge is Storm(Lightning)/Earth(Fire) focused.

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    Re: [THE DESTROYER] - A complete Champion build guide.

    Nature provides Heart of Oak, and the Wolves buff makes the ancestral warriors do more damage.

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    Question Re: [THE DESTROYER] - A complete Champion build guide.


    I'm a complete beginner with TQ and I find your guide is not that easy to understand.

    In the beginning you wrote 'A partial leveling path that worked for me'. Until level very easy understand and to follow.
    But then you wrote that you cleared all your skills but don't wrote were you have put the points after that. Only Ancestral Horn to max., 1 point into Refresh and wolves (I guess this is 'Call of the Wild') back to 7.
    I then invested into my Wolves tree again and getting Heart of the Oak.
    Does that mean you put the skills back to
    - Maul: 10 points
    - Survival Instinct: 1 point
    - Strength of the pack: 12 points
    - Heart of the Oak: 12 points

    But what about: War Horn, Doom Horn and Dodge Attack?

    Can someone help me here. Maybe with the help of TitanCalc.

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    Check it out.
    I'm a new player. Been playing TQ (with IT, mind you) for about two months now. Got my Templar to the Wraithlord at the end of act 2 legendary. So I read the original post in this thread and, tbh, the guy knows how to sell a build. I wanted a better farmer, so I started to make me a champion.

    At like lvl27 or something I respec and get my Ancestral Horn and Refresh. I was like "WTflip, gear independent my ass!", so I figured "maybe everything is relative, I'll just put some -% recharge gear on, like the OP must have presumed."
    So I somehow grinded the gold to respec back to melee, levelled to 37 (to wear my -% recharge gear) and put on all my -61% recharge stuff, and respecced back to AH and Refresh, to find that I couldn't get my ancestors to come back sooner than seven seconds after the last call expired (at 10 pts Refresh. My sweet spot).
    But I still didn't get it. I assumed I was just expected to be running at -80% recharge and so I played on through epic, looking for some -%recharge and guessing that in legendary the pets would be so worthwhile.

    Well, I'm lvl44 now and I've just hit the brick wall called epic Typhon and FINALLY decided to read this thread beyond the first page...
    I hear refresh was nerfed lol.

    I've spent my hours leveling a toon only in the hopes of getting an überfarmer, hopefully a friggin' combine harvester, of the cheesiest kind, only to find out that the build is obsolete. And, funny thing, it really kinda feels like I deserve it.

    How do I feel? I need a drink, that's how I feel.

    God bless

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    While that guide is outdated, a -recharged Pet Champion is still very powerful if you make good use of the Battle Standard's damage boost.

    See 1st link below. That also works for Ancestors, of course.

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    Ugh, I feel your pain Pekel **hands him a beer** Kudos to you for searching through previous posts to answer questions rather than immediately posting questions that have been answered before. Unfortunately, there are a lot of "obsolete" posts that have been invalidated by updates to the game and fanpatches along the way. So searching the database for answers can sometimes be problematic. A lot of folks update original posts that serve as class guides as patches change the class dynamics, but I guess this one didn't get updated. I remember the original "ternion builds" for Spirit were incredibly powerful which made me roll a spirit character, but then an Ironlore update nerfed it (rightly so)... still a strong build, but not nearly as powerful as it was originally "sold" on these forums.

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    First of all HELLo to everyone (it's my first post)

    kehehhehehehe i should specially say hello to You Pekel, i just wake up in deep @ss with that build at lvl 33 atm. Act 4 on normal is right now impossible for me, since cooldown is too great and i have 0 -recharge time items.

    Question is ... if i go with skill like this

    how many -recharge item should i gather/wear to start casting almost non stop my AH ?

    Thx for any help and hints

    p.s. Sorry for my english, it's not my national language.

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    @Violos: Yeah, I think you're right. The build may well be quite viable with -recharge. Today I noticed that the difference is great when I got the old standard down. I suppose I should start looking for some optimal '+ flat dmg' jewelry come legendary. That pet mechanics thread was enlightening. Thanks a lot for pointing me in that direction!

    @Buy4now: Thanks for the sympathy, man. Like any whiner, I guess that was what I mainly was looking for But I'll take the beer too, ty, I even named my toon "OldMcDonaldlol". That's how confident I was in his farming skills... *downs the beer*

    @Kurogane: Welcome to the club! You are in a pretty bad place, I know, cuz I was there a few weeks ago.
    Game progression as a 'Destroyer' without any -recharge is not really happening, because standing around waiting for two minutes between every pack of ancestors will make you go cuckoo.

    What I did at your levels was to buy my points back and go melee again (hope you're not on the int path x)) until I was in epic and with enough levels to wear my -recharge. Now, since you don't have much -recharge I guess you should get farming. Most of my -recharge gear (Lykaion Malleus, Mirage and Polaris) I got from farming epic Megalesios with my Templar. So if you wanna make your destroyer work, that is what I'd recommend. You can run through most of epic act1 pretty quickly, I'd think.

    About your question: I stated that I had a seven second downtime on my elderlies when running with -61% recharge. That was not true. I checked out notes of the fan patch and learned that I was only running at -48% recharge, since my yellow -13% recharge shield didnt work, since I'd never installed the fan patch.
    About -48% recharge I can say that it's not very convenient. It was sorta doable for farming epic Ormenos when I couldn't get any further.
    HOWEVER: These last few days there has been developments: First, I killed Epic Typhon by brute melee force (and 80 health pots ) and second, I installed the fan patch, which made my yellow shield work, so now that I AM running at -61% recharge and with 11/12 refresh, I can say that my Ancestors are around pretty much non stop. I just need to learn to watch the refresh cooldown better, but it seems to me that at about -60% is where this build turns from crap to good. I am finishing off epic act IV now and crossing my fingers hoping for some leisurely farming in legendary

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    i'm using int/hp build right now, so cannot go pure dd. Lucky me I start evoker and i'm gona farm some items for my destro. I just found that yellow -13% recharge shield ... and You mention that it dosent work without fan patch! >_<" Did you instal 1.17a patch ? or some older version ?
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    Yeah, I figured i should get the latest one and so I got 1.17a.

    Farming some -%recharge stuff for your Champion with your Evoker sounds like a good idea. The gear may require some high levels on your champion though, but I'm sure you'll get there somehow

    For my own Champion, it's going pretty great lately. I have been farming the Lernean Hydra and the Minoan labyrinth lately and I've gotten me a Tracker's Hood (-41% recharge ) and a pair of SBC :O They require a crapload of dexterity, though, which I have not invested any points in. NP, though, I have 68 unspent attribute points laying around xD
    I'm just wondering, in case someone experienced reads this: Should I just pump up my dex by points only? Or is there some really smart way to up my dex by gear? I'd love to keep some points for strength for versatility and respeccing options.

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