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Thread: [Mod] Gorgon Island (+ source)

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    Post [Mod] Gorgon Island (+ source)

    This is a repost of a map i did some time ago but i forgot about it till i saw a post about it ...

    Anyway i post it here, its a finished mini-quest for low levels (15-25).

    The player has to kill 3 gorgons then go back to see the guy :P I know its not much, but it was my first map with a quest and voice (sorry the voice is in french and was recorded at 5am so its realy bad hehe, but you can change it).

    So here it is : Orbitfiles - Free Online storage, Free File Back up, Free File sharing

    Plus i released the source on the french forums some time ago, so here is the link in case you want to use/add something from this map.

    Source : Orbitfiles - Free Online storage, Free File Back up, Free File sharing


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    Junior Member Melk's Avatar
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    I gotta say well done. especially if its ur first map. well done.

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    Thank you melk

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    Quest, sound, and source... nice complete package!

    You should upload it to the official community site for bigger exposure.

    Use "Submit Files" at the top. No limit on space, so if you need to add more screenshots or other files, have at it.

    Cool mod!

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    Re: Gorgon Island

    thanks for the source, really!

    i like the look of this and im trying to learn to make a world myself but editing an example would help a lot.

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