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Thread: Secret Areas

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    Secret Areas

    As i just came back to tqit, played underlord for a few days and then found this. I have yet to find the secret areas. N now that my main is starting to progress Id like to give them a try.

    Can anyone tell me where i can find them and if theres items required of some sort?

    Thanks in advance.

    Also once i finish moving in a week or so ill be playing online if i can find peeps to play with, PM me if interested. Have never actually played any form of tq online. (Doing all this from my phone)

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    Secret areas arent so secret actualy. Bloodcave is easy to access and does not require any items or quests to be done. It's located at cave near second master blacksmith in act 3.
    Rest of areas are just expansion for Secret passage.

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    Ive never found secret passage.

    I dont even no what i need n where to find hydras lol.

    Ive always just played the storyline

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    Hades from time to time drop the Overlord, with this go to first teleport zone in act IV, before the fountain in the forest it's a gate who you can't open without it, be careful, the monsters there are realy tough, hero's level ,it's very probably that you will die so do a search for more on the forum.

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