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Thread: Summon Skeleton Issue

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    Summon Skeleton Issue

    Weird issue with summoning skeleton soldiers as a Shaman on Underlord: I don't see any weapons or armor on the skeletons that I summon but the people that I play with do. If I use the portal stone when the skeleton loads up with me it has the weapon. I didn't even know they could have weapons until I started noticing green spectral weapons all over the ground. They don't show up on the soldier but they show up when he dies... hehe. Strange. Anyone else come across this? Mostly just a cosmetic issue. The mod plays well (albeit tough). Really enjoy it. Thanks for any help/suggestions.

    EDIT: I guess it's a host issue. I had only been joining games. Created a game both in single player and then hosted and I am seeing the weapons now. Anyway. I guess that's something of a resolution. A mod can go ahead and delete this thread. Sorry for the bother, guys.
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