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Thread: Skin Making Tutorial?

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    Exclamation Skin Making Tutorial?

    I'm totally new to Titan Quest, and totally new to modding. Because of this, I'm immediately sort of screwed.

    Right off the bat, I've had a lot of fun using the 1.17 patch + AllSkins 0.8 mod. Looking through all of the different user made skins has been inspiring. I used to make skins (faces/clothes) for the Sims 1, and I got pretty good at it. Something I've been disappointed to see is how little variation there has been on the faces in Titan Quest skins, so I was excited to try my hand at making some new skins that primarily focused on NEW faces (like you see in Vivienne's asian skin).

    I've run into an obvious problem though.

    Modding texture files in Titan Quest is not nearly as simply as modding skins in the Sims is. The Sims had bmp files in the game files that you could simply copy, edit, and put back in the correct folder. Titan Quest seems to have arz files, which I know nothing about. Today I found an "arzexplorer", so I will mess with that, but I really have no idea what I'm doing here.

    I tried following the "How To Make Skins" stickied topic, but it really was no help. It assumes you have folders that the game doesn't comes with right off the bat, and it also assume you know to navigate arz files. It doesn't even tell you what you need to navigate arz files. I'm sure it's a great tutorial, but only for people who already know how to mod this game. To complete newbies, it basically skips a whole mess of steps and leaves you completely in the dark.

    Now I've searched high and low for any other skin making tutorials, but there's NOTHING. From hearing how active and extensive the modding community for Titan Quest was, I'm surprised there is really no helpful resources for new modders. If there were, I'd expect there would be so much more support and new modders for this game. Instead the modding community seems sluggish at best.

    Titan Quest Gold has been on sale in a number of places multiple times recently, so really I'm just asking if an experienced modder could EXPLAIN by way of a step by step tutorial how a complete newbie can start making skins. Maybe that's a lot to ask, but if that kind of resource would be VERY helpful to a lot of new players and modders! As it stands, it's almost a trial and error thing, and that's a very hard learning environment.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    Stangely enough, I believe this link is the best guide I've found for custom skin modification.

    The process is tedious, a bit counter-intuitive and requires a bit of Dos-fu due to the nature of the 2D skin and where those locations map to on the 3D model. I recommend frequent saving as you make your skins and having a basic character in the game that wears the tunic color that you are modifying for reference (aka no or minimal armour).

    The caviots I add are these:
    1) The texture recompile MUST be in the Titan Quest original folder, not Immortal Throne.
    2) If you have creature mods, the mapping and size are different, so use that creature's tex file as a basis. To get at these, download the arcexplorer found somewhere on these forums and play around at will or copy the .tex files from another creature mod.
    3) Hair is nearly impossible to change since it is tied to the helmet. You have to change the helmet files to change the hair soooo if you feel like modifing 300+ pieces of armour, then go ahead.
    4) My personal implimentation of these mods is a hybrid of allskins, skins for dummies, personal custom mods and Lilith, so my setup is drasticaly different from yours. So if you ask for more help on install, I can't help you there.

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    Yeah, I think I've figured out how to use the files for the most part, but my latest problem is that all the textures show up as lavender/violet.

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