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Thread: Please read! I need help!

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    Exclamation Please read! I need help!

    Okay, I have bought the game on steam, them both. and i know about the modding with Art Manager.. But then im going to the TQIT or TQ main folder and going to Art Manager is says: " The Program cannot start, then MFC71.DLL is missing on your computer. Try to install the program agian to resolv this problem. " And i dont know what Program that is, i have uninstalled the game, and install it agian but its still have the same problem?

    Do some1 know about this problem or know how to fix it.. i cant find anything. i might guess its because i bought it on steam? Or does it not make any different?

    If some1 knows it let me know!

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    Looks like to belongs to Microsoft Visual Studio...
    try here...

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    Thanks! Its works all fine now.. Thanks you so much!

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