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Thread: Typhon problem with Oracle 34

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    Typhon problem with Oracle 34

    Titan Quest Immortal Throne

    Oracle lv34
    2k life
    1,3k mana after Storm Surge aura
    All INT.

    STR 50
    INT 711
    DEX 124

    These are my skills:
    I can't understand why the calculator tell me I've 8 more points (I've selected All Normal (TQ)) while I've nothing left.

    Fire 21
    Ice 60
    Lightning 16
    Poison 20

    Damage 232
    Attack Speed 92%
    DPS 212
    Armor 195

    Spell launch speed 100%
    Movement speed 115%

    -17% spell recharge time

    Looking around the web I see that my DPS is low but I can't find how to raise it and until now I haven't had any problem.
    I killed Ormenos (last Telkine) without being hit in 15 seconds without attacking, just Liche King + Summon Outsider.
    My Outsider usually barely lose 5% of his life, but Typhon take 95-100% of his life in just 1 hit, it's almost 1-hit-kill.

    Usually I spam Life Drain + Cascade with the aid of Liche King, Storm Surge and Deathchill.
    My only problems are undeads which I manage with hit and run and Circle of Power.

    I've never died with bosses and I've always found them easy, but now I just can't see how to kill Typhon.
    I've tried the cheat of staying on stairs but it takes ages, even with 400 DPS (thanks to Battle Shrine) I make him quite no damage to use this tactic.
    Anyway even using the stairs cheat, he's too fast and I barely shoot him before he attacks again.
    What astonished me is the huge difference between him and previous monsters and bosses...

    EDIT: I've read a guide and it states that Typhon change its special attack when he touch one of the four statues and suggests to destroy them.
    I think many things has changed with Immortal Throne as Typhon change special attacks without needing to touch the statues, which are indestructible.

    I'm really pissed off and tempted to hack the character only for Typhon.
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    You build links to an empty titancalc, use Return Link at the bottom of titancalc page.

    From your description it seems that you're trying to use a Spirit-oriented Oracle. I'd suggest respeccing to a Lightning-oriented build and using a Lightning staff. Just use Squall and Ternion. Or just cast squall and run in circles around him, and use Ternion Attack only when he stops moving to cast meteors.
    For lvl 34 build looks like this:
    Or like this:
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    Your Titancalc link does not work, you need to copy the one from the Return Link box at the bottom of the page.

    For Typhon, I would rebuy the points from Life Drain and Cascade and put them in Squall and Obscured Visibility. That's a much better spell to cast in between dodging his attacks.

    The point about those statues and his special attacks is no longer true, he starts with all of them.
    There may be no 'I' in team, but there's a 'ME' if you look hard enough.
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    Now TitanCalc is fixed ->

    Do I have lesser points than what I should have?

    I was a Ternion Oracle back in TQ Vanilla, then I switched because with the nerf Ternion attack now sucks balls (compaired with what it was before).
    Ternon attack today: negative damage amplification (it was positive back in time), low range, spreaded range, hardly hit at its full potential, bad life drain.
    Ternion is no more the god-like power it was.
    I've tried Ternion on Typhon: it means suicide as the only moment I can get close enough to shoot him with 2 projectiles is right after meteors launch, but then I haven't the time to escape if he uses life drain or fire breath.
    Life drain = full Typhon HP restore -> minutes of efforts wasted
    fire breath = I lose half HP -> I can attack him only if I have full HP -> it takes ages

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    The spread of the ternion projectiles now depends on where your mouse cursor is. If you put your mouse cursor at the edge of the screen they will be close together. Ternion is still an overpowered skill because of the splash damage, but you need to focus on your staff damage and you seem more spell oriented.

    For Typhon's Life Drain spell, maybe look for an item with a high Life Leech resistance? But you should not walk up to him as a caster, and it's easier to dodge from a distance.

    Did you try Squall yet? That and occasional regular hit from a staff is the safest option.
    There may be no 'I' in team, but there's a 'ME' if you look hard enough.
    Ħuʍop ǝpısdn sı sn ɟo ǝuo 'sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı

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    The statues' effects on Typhon were changed when Immortal Throne came out as the developers thought having to destroy them made it too easy to defeat Typhon in the original TQ. So all the statues' powers were given directly to him and they just became decorative pieces.

    jaerlin's builds will be better than what you have atm. Don't hack, just respecc at the mystic (if you can afford it). Also have a read of Poinas' Pwning with Spirit guide. Ternion is still a powerful tool and if you don't have it in your arsenal you're going to be struggling later on. Also points in the Deathchill Aura tree will help as will one in Death Ward.

    Also what equipment are you using atm?

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