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Thread: Beginner's Questions

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    Beginner's Questions

    I'm currently playing Diablo II Immortal as an Amazon. So far so good, but I have a couple of questions:

    - I noticed that the Satyrs are tagged as "Demon" instead of "Beastman", despite this error having been fixed in the 1.17 fanpatch. Why?

    - I got the item "Barbarian Look", which grants +1 skill to the "Barbarian's Brawn" and "Bringer of Havoc" masteries. However, I can't find those two masteries in the skill tree, so I don't know what these two do.

    - When an enemy has a tag next to its name (e.g. <cold>), does that mean that it inflicts cold damage?

    Thanks in advance
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    -They're not satyrs anymore, they're goatmen (moon clan, blood clan, etc.) which are demons as in Diablo 2.

    -These two masteries are Barbarian and Barbarian/Sorceress, respectively. Each mastery has a creative style name that you can see after selecting the mastery.

    -The tags next to enemy names are their resistances.

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    Makes sense, thanks!

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    I don't get it. The mod seems to start the original quest with a few modifications (like the console and the "Fresh Meat" audio). Is there something else I need, or is this correct?

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    The landscape is the same. Everything else is not.
    (As you may take from the staff tutorial popup, the horse is supposed to be there.)

    If you want a different world as well, there's Diablo 2 Lilith.
    This comes with a new world, and its own enemies, some of which have also been improved D2I-style.
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    Thanks for the reply...

    I installed D2Lilith and it is indeed a new world.

    And thanks for making these!

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