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Thread: Death Rally

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    Death Rally

    I just casually checked the Steam store, and saw this:

    They just launched a friggin' remake of the old Death Rally!

    Man, that game was super fun! And now it has an online mode!

    Got it right away. Anyone want to join?

    Nowadays you can also get the original for free (just keep clicking "download").
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    Still have my original CD, was playing it the other day actually.
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    What he does not seem to know is that the races have always been that short. And they do of course get faster with better cars - used to get ridiculously fast in the original.

    Also, people do die rather quickly once everyone is sporting gatling guns, spikes and mines. I am about 4 hours into the game now, and having fun wrecking stuff.

    Though it is right that it could have started off a bit faster already. And, most of all, that the Audio is lacking. The Original DR had its rock music, beefy gun souds and loud explosions. (And bloody tracks when running over spectators... it was grittier all around, which - in this case - was fitting.)

    This one is more "clean". And I miss the side bar with the portraits and health bars.

    Then again, at least the audio should be easy to improve. And having the multiplayer back is great!

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    Har har... Call me the Grim Reaper!

    That was from the "Jungle Law" story event. Guy said something about surviving fire... lol.

    It is really getting more fun the further you go.

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    I think you can still get the original game off the 3D Realms site...yes they're still around.

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