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Thread: Idea: Wolf for "Strength of the Pack" only

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    Idea: Wolf for "Strength of the Pack" only

    I was wondering if this is a viable build.

    Before people say anything...

    I know Call of the hunt is a pretty good skill, the only reason I'm not putting too much points on it is because I ALWAYS find myself saving it for later, and later never comes... LoL... making me end up using it only on bosses or some very specific hero-monsters. I'll spend more points there eventually.

    The main reason for me to be posting this build here is to show those random 4 points spent on wolfs.

    I'm only lvl 20 right now so I've never really seen how "Strength of the pack" works. I'm planning on having only 1 paper-like wolf on "Defensive stance" just to go around with me using that skill to give me a total speed boost every now and then.

    I've noticed the monsters simply ignore my wolfs completely when I cast "study prey"... so I have hope that even though Mr. Jenkins won't be much strong, he'll manage to stay alive. Worst case scenario I'll just have to make him move to places, which isn't really that difficult to do. (I've made "space bar" be "all pets command" hot key).

    Has anyone tried this already?

    Can someone give opinions or comments about it?

    Thanks in advance
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    If you have 3 wolves (level 18 wolf skill) and set them on aggressive you'll have SotP on almost all the time

    the wolves don't really use it in defensive and while they use it often on normal setting they always use it on aggressive

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    Yea, won't work. You need to invest points in the wolves so they don't get instagibbed from the wind blowing. Nice idea though.
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    You really should get Call of the hunt as a ranger, with Refresh you can keep it up far more often = no need to save it for special occasions.
    It's one of the synergies between hunting and plague that gives a ranger such high damage.
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    On epic and leg that works OK...

    Used to do this with my Guardian for the huge +%phys boost, which a Ranger can surely use too. Though in his case, having more and tougher Wolves run ahead and pull the crowds into a nice cluster is really useful.

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    What you don't need in that build is Flush Out. Ranger doesn't do elemental damage and there's no need to reduce enemy DA if using a bow.

    I would always try to get three Wolves. You don't need to max Call of the Wild. +Nature items are plentiful as are Mastery shrines. If you get your regular +4 skills in Legendary using, say, +3 Stonebinder's Cuffs and a Hallowed helm, you could (without too much luck from the drop gods) also snag items such as Jungleroot Greaves, Warden's Breastplate and/or Faith/Wrath, each of which gives +1 to Nature, and then a Druid's amulet which gives +2 to Nature. Then there are also things like Druidic Wreath artifact which isn't very difficult to find and craft.

    I think you could quite easily get +4 to Nature (amulet and two items) besides your regular +4 skills items. Add in another +4 from a Mastery shrine and you'd be at +12. That entails only having to put 6 points into Call of the Wild in order to get the third Wolf.

    It also doesn't mean that you have to wear weak items just because they have +Nature. Just swap out to your +Nature gear to cast the Wolves then swap back to your regular gear to resume fighting.

    The further benefit of this approach is that Wolves keep their synergy skills at the level they were when the Wolf was cast. With +12 to Nature at the time of casting, even one point in Maul, Survival Instinct and Strength of the Pack would result in them all being at level 13. That means Wolves which are a lot more survivable, do a lot more damage and buff you a lot a more via SotP.
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    I didn't know the frequency of SoP casts would be determined by their stance, thanks for the warning.

    About Call of the Hunt + Refresh. The problem with Refresh is the investment. Even if I want a lvl 1 refresh, I must invest 8 free-points, to go from lvl 24 to 32. Since I don't use Nymph nor Briar ward, those 8 points would be solely for Refresh. Even if we put that to the side, call of the hunt has a 180s cooldown, refresh's cooldowns canceling is (4 + 4*lvl) seconds, for it to really make a difference I would have to put at least 5 or 6 points there. I'm not really ready for a 14 points commitment just for one skill. I completely understand people that uses this Call of the Hunt + Refresh strat, but it really doesn't go well with my gameplay style. Using +nature items just because of refresh isn't something I'm looking forward to either, I'm planning on having a bunch of +Hunting items.

    Though in his case, having more and tougher Wolves run ahead and pull the crowds into a nice cluster is really useful.
    Before "Study prey", I always kept my 2 wolfs, Leroy and Mr. Jenkins, running ahead of me like kamikazes to serve as dummies for monsters. That allowed me to simply stay still, shooting non-stop.

    But after "Study Prey", the monsters ALWAYS completely stopped attacking my wolfs and came straight for me. Obligating me to kite around like there were no wolfs up front. That destroyed the entire tanking-wolfs' idea for me.... pretty frustrating. That's why I decided to go for wolfs as support-only.

    I haven't thought about doing what Irma2 suggested, wow... that's a great idea. I having a ton of +nature items on the stash just to create my wolfs in the beginning sounds great.
    Do you know if this applies to Heart of Oak and Permanence of Stone as well? Casting with +x Nature, and then swapping back will keep them at high level?

    Thanks a lot for everyone that replied.
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    No that will not work for heart of oak and synergies you have to keep the items on for them to continue to have affect on those skills

    The only thing in which you can swap in and out gear to keep skills at higher level after switching back to normal gear is pets/summons
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    I was hoping for too much, eh? hahah

    So I guess I'll have to put more points on those two.

    Considering what you all replied, I've changed my lvl 50 max build to:

    Edit (addendum)


    Your post made me look again on this Call of the Hunt thing.
    I think I'm getting your point now.

    I got this table on the internet:

    Lvl CD Effect (-CD)
    1 20 -8
    2 21 -12
    3 22 -16
    4 23 -20
    5 24 -24
    6 25 -28
    7 26 -32
    8 27 -36
    9 28 -40
    10 29 -44
    11 30 -48
    12 31 -52

    Since we can cast refresh while CoH is on. Considering CoH has a 180 Cooldown and lasts 50 seconds (lvl 8). I made a quick worksheet on excel to check what's the most efficient set up.

    Here's what I ended up finding, I hope this helps other people too:

    (Click to enlarge)


    So the most effective setup is with Refresh at lvl 10 and the most efficient is with refresh at lvl 9.

    I'm seriously considering playing petless for a while:

    Since people get on Legendary around this level, that seems like a nice start.
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    You should also calculate it with +4 to all skills, I think you can have it on indefinitely then.
    It does equal a lot of micro
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