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Thread: updating to 1.17a

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    updating to 1.17a

    heya all, my first post here... so... here's the thing... I have installed TQIT on steam, had it for years, played it off and on for years, and now i'm trying to install it with the fan patch. So, after installing the fan patch, and everything goes ok, i can play the game and all is well, except that the version still says at the main screen.

    ok, i think to myself, "hey, self, didn't you see that there was a 1.17a patch as well that was supposed to be a fix for problems such as this??"

    so i try to install the 1.17a patch on top of the 1.17 patch, but it says it can't find the tqit root file, even though i placed the file right were it's supposed to be.

    am i missing something? should i just do a clean install and just install 1.17a and forget 1.17? this is getting frustrating, and i just want to play some multiplayer

    disregard! i fixed it

    just did a validate game cache, it basically nulled out the patch, then reapplied 1.17a, and voi-freakin-la, it says 1.17 now!
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    Yeah, it seems Steam isn't that keen on the patch sometimes. You may find the problem coming up again. There's a thread here about Steam problems and solutions that have been found.

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    Good to hear you fixed it. Have fun playing
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    My Patchfix for Fanpatch 1.17

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