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Thread: Hateful Forum

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    Hateful Forum

    Not this one, of course. But the official Diablo 3 forum consists of insults and accusations as most of the posters don't like the game.

    I stated in several posts that I like the game. I stated in one post that I had accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. In one post, I joked that I was spending too much time playing Diablo 3, and they banned me for three days, saying that the post was spam.

    Great game, but a bad forum.

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    Oh, gawd. That's horrible, Vince. The only thing I can imagine is that with such a hateful community (IMO), that saying things like that just seem to be "asking for it"... and as such they are removing an "inflammitory" post. LOL
    Glad you like the game, it does seem OK, and I would probably be playing it myself if I had an Internet connection, but too bad for Blizzard I suppose.

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    Bummer Vince

    I'm also glad you like the game but just like essjayehm I can not play due to bad internet services. Immaturity seems to plague the games industry

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    I have found the reddit D3strategy forums to be somewhat acceptable. Still nowhere near the level of awesomeness as this forum
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    Makes me glad that I only belong to 4 forums and only 2 of those are gaming ones. Sorry you're having such a bad experience with that one.

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    I stated in one post that I had accepted Jesus Christ as Savior.
    Maybe the Admin's a hardcore Atheist?

    Joking. In all seriousness, the internet's a strange place. Dangerous but enjoyable (mostly). Sad that you got a bad part of it.
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    When it comes to forums I tend to stay away from religion and politics as it always seems to lead to arguments. But if you have been keeping an eye on the British news over the last few months then you might have seen that they are passing a law that will make it possible to view the real name and address of those that are no acting in a civil way and they can be brought up on charges for it. Wether or not this works will be another thing but something to keep an eye on for sure

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