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    Hello TQ.Net, I just joined. I must say thank you to Titan Quest: Immortal throne for making me not care about getting Diablo 3 anymore, and I mean that sincerely, in a good way.

    That's all - I gotta feed my Soothsayer's little army now!

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. You'll certainly find lots of foes for your army to get it's teeth into in the game. Enjoy!

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    Haha, yeah.
    Welcome to TQ. As opposed to some people's expectations, I really seems like D3 actually made more people play it.

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    Welcome Partyman! Don't forget to check out if you enjoy TQ, way more fun is on the horizon.

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    Welcome to the forum and have fun playing
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    Hi guys, am new to this forum, i have been visiting it before for new info about the game and its modes and discussion topics. I played Titan Quest for several years, and its one of my best diablo alternatives, some times better than diablo.
    I want to thank you guys for making this forum for the sake of the people who play this game, and to gather people and make new things.
    If someone plays game call me or invite me if you need a party member to play, am not the best, but i know to play.

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    hello to both of you and welcome to the forum

    theres a quick reference thread located in my signature (compilation of threads) full of information provided by other members of the community have a look there if theres anything you want to know and if you cant find it there ask away someone will have the answer to your dream ... er question i mean
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