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Thread: I need some help with summoner

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    I need some help with summoner

    Hi guys,what's up.

    I have been playing summoner for a quite some time now and currently i'm in epic egypt just passed first boss.
    My current build looks like this
    And I do basic of around 900 dps.
    Usually my pets make a diversion and I kill the monsters and that tactics works for now so I wonder if it is going in right direction.
    Also it seems somewhat weeker now so I would like to make it stronger.
    So do you guys have any suggestion about how to make it stronger,some summoner themed items would also be helpfull.

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    I'm guessing your personal playstyle leans more on active nuker/petmancer mix.

    Your earth looks OK for now, too many points in some skills though. To boost your damage you'll want to get Plague->Fatigue->Susceptibility asap. Get Plague and Susceptibility to level 8, maxing Fatigue is optional. Then get Refresh asap for double Eruption/VO. Cast Plague first, then use VO/Eruption and watch your damage skyrocket. This is due to the Plague's Susceptibility upgrade.
    Basically, you're aiming for this (taken from mainstream builds topic). You can tweak or change the build however you want, as long as you pay attention to which skills are prioritized (the ones with the highest points invested in them). As long as you don't neglect these skills completely you should be fine - you can change it to fit a more aggressive, burst-damage type playstyle or a more defensive damage-mitigation type playstyle.

    As for the reasons the skills are that way, Volativity is powerful but you should only level it if you have extra points or if you want to play more aggressively. Brimstone is excellent for summoner that focuses on pets particularly, but has limited value for an active nuker. While VO is powerful, most of its damage comes from Fragmentation so you can leave it at 1. Conflagration doesn't do much damage. One point in Stone Form is for emergencies, it makes your character invulnerable for a few seconds. Heat Shield/Nymph is optional. Briar Ward/Sanctuary are possible alternatives if you want to play defensively. Regrowth is simply too skill point-intensive to keep for an actively nuking summoner.

    As for gear, in general aim for intelligence-increasing or fire damage-increasing items.

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