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Thread: Brigand

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    Talking Brigand

    Hey guys,

    I am going to make a Brigand, but what stats should i put in? 1 strength 1 dex every level?
    Andi know i need a bow, but shouldn't i keep a spear and shield whit me for when they come to close
    or something? And can some1 send me a good build for Brigand?

    Oh and one other thing,

    U don't see alot of good epic or legendary bows, well i don't. Only low level bows like Ram Bow
    and those stuff.

    Help me!

    Tyvm ^^

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    As per all your other threads:

    Quote Originally Posted by Irma2 View Post
    Poinas' Guide for Attribute Points will tell you all you need to know.
    You don't need to have a spear & shield but it doesn't hurt to equip it on your alt slot.

    Bramblewood bow is the best, don't bother with the uniques.

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    You won't find better bows until you get through Epic and into Legendary, only a few Epic bows could drop in Normal play and only a few Legendary ones will drop in Epic.

    Yes, use a bow as main weapon, but have a spear/sword/axe/club/mace and shield as backup for when enemies get close. Look in the Almost Full Builds Compendium in the Skills and Strategies section of the forum for Brigand builds and also in the Hunting and Rogue classes here. There are plenty of ideas around for Brigand builds.

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