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Thread: Walkthrough - Stuck

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    Walkthrough - Stuck

    I just about gave up after 4 1/2 hours of walking by the side edges of almost every location, searching for the secret passage way to Siran or Hel'gon's Manor, from what the walkthough say's it is on the way to there but does not say what direction to head. I also downloaded the big map and can see the path I think along the beach but after I walked up and down there a few times, I could not find it.

    So my question is where are you supposed to go from here when the walkthrough says "They are on your way to Hel'gons manor" because I don't see that location anywhere or hints of where to go lol

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    Not sure I understand your question correctly but as regards Hel'gon's Manor, the route is quite linear through the Lake area untill you reach the chacal sorcerer boss. Once you get rid of him just walk to the top left of the screen and enter the river : you walk your way into the river to the right of the map and reach a cavern. Once inside, the way is quite linear again to the exit on the top of the mountain where lies the entry of the manor.

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    From what i can tell from your post, you are trying to find Hel'Gon Manor going from Asteria's Beach. That's where your error is. Talk again to the NPC that gave the quest or reread the speech in the quest tab. They tell you the route.

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