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Thread: WARNING Accounts are being Hacked!

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    WARNING Accounts are being Hacked!

    I recently heard more bad news about D3 and if it's true I would really be worried about the online auction house when using real money.

    Here's the link to the news

    but it just says

    Diablo 3 accounts are getting hacked

    There have been a growing number of reports of Diablo 3 accounts being hacked. In many cases the affected accounts have been stripped of all in game items and gold. Blizzard has stated that so far all cases investigated were hacked through “traditional means”, adding that no accounts protected by authenticators were breached. However several victims of the hack have claimed they were using the authenticators.

    More news here

    And check out this vid for full details from a victim

    And the follow up video from the same victim above is also a bit scary.

    Looks like players might have to shell out more money to get the authenticator but some people are saying they had the authenticator and they still got hacked. All I can say is please my gaming brothers and sisters be VERY VERY careful if you are going to connect your paypal account or similar to the for the auction house.
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