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Thread: Need help with hunter and mage classes :/

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    Need help with hunter and mage classes :/

    Hey guys
    Just wondering if anyone could help me with mage and hunter classes I mostly play hack and slash guys and am really good with warfare, defence and rouge and most melee classes with one mage mastery I would really like to try hunters and mages, but i generaly suck with the hunt mastery :/ and have no idea on how to use mastery points and how to play them same with all the double mage mastery classes anyone got any tips/advice for mastery and skill points and how to use them???


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    Start with hunting put one point in wood lore , marksmanship , puncture shot arrows , study prey , art of hunt and max soon as possible scatter shot arrows and volley and then pick second mastery, i play all my hunting toons this way except slayer which use spear as weapon.All hunting toons are great but if i had to pick favourite then i choose bone charmer.

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    Have a good at two excellent guides: Irma2's Bown Charmer and Poinas' Pwning with Spirit. Both of these are here in the Classes part of the forum. Irma's is on page two of the Hunting and Poinas' is in Spirit. Between them these will give you a good idea of how skills can work together as Irma's guide has Hunting as the main mastery with Spirit supporting it while Poinas' is Spirit as the main one with Dream in support.

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    i have been playing an avenger (earth/hunting) through xmax from level 1, its bloody fun 2 play as and prety strong aswell. there are a few guides and tips on how 2 play an avenger on here if you wana try something a bit more different 2 a huraspex or brigand
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