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Thread: Question about Barb/Sorc

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    Question about Barb/Sorc

    I read in early development posts:

    Quote Originally Posted by Violos
    Quote Originally Posted by Hydra
    " it says "need 1 point in Bringer of Havoc" but where is this? and what is meant by "only for true sorceress" ?
    "Bringer of Havoc" is the full name of the shared Sorc/Barb mastery.
    A true sorceress is a class which has both the Sorceress and Sorc/Barb masteries.
    Is this also true for Barb/Sorc Masteries where Iron Skin is "true Barb only"? And does it mean that 20 points must first be allocated to Sorc Power?
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    It is true for all "true x only" requirements.

    It means you have to select the mastery which contains the other "half" of the original D2 class, and confirm this by putting at least one point into its thermometer.

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    Thanks Violos,
    I have done that (20 in Barb and 1 in Sorc) but Bringer of Havoc doess not appear. Is Sorc the wrong "other half"?

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    Sorc + Barb yields a Shaman, which is a hybrid class.

    The two "halves" of a true class are the two masteries which contain its name - like "Sorc/Barb" and "Barb" for a Barb.

    Check the class list for details.
    (I just realized 1.4 does not have one yet.. but it is the same.)

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    I think my problem is that I picked the Barbarian and Sorceress as seperate masteries rather than the hybrid. From what I have read there is no way to undo this and recheck the hybrid -- correct?

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