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Thread: question about caster character.

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    Cool question about caster character.

    hi guys i been playing this game off and on for the last 2 years and im always playing melee types, now i want to start a new character ,a full blooded caster , so far from what i seen , i should increase dex to about 180 , then dump the rest of points into intell. i have not decided which type of caster i would be , but my main question is what kind of gear would i shoot for , having reach the end of the game can you guys tell me more or less the weapons, staff, ect, that i should be getting . ps- by the way , out of all the staffs that there are which one is the most powerful out them all ? thanks for your help.

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    So you're planning a Conjurer? Using Ternion changes things a little bit, as a Earth caster I'd have: Ker's Fetish/Staff of the Magi socketed with Prometheus. If focusing on Ternion you could use Anubis.
    Head the good ol' Hallowed + Cunning of Odysseus, Hesione's Veil or Crown of Dockma'Ar for uniques.

    Torso Calypso's Cover and Vest. of the Overlord both giving +2 to all skills (Getting +4 skills isn't that easy with Mage gear), I also like Plouton's Cornucopia.

    Wrists should be Archmage's Clasp, even if using Ternion as it gives +AS%
    Feet Demonskin Walkers or Loratian Greaves...

    Bling-bling you have plenty of options... Seal of Hephaestus is neat, any green ring with Socrates' + Demon's Blood/Monkey or even Code of Hammurabi. Polaris is a great necklace, or if you get lucky: Aphrodite's Favor is the answer.

    Artifact could be the Jade Emperor one, oftentimes better than just +% fire damage.

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    what about staffs which one is the most powerful out of them all?

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    A green dual affix. My Harb is farming Hades atm and just found a Druid's of Brimstone staff, which would be excellent for a Summoner. Generally just shoot for the ...of Brimstone/Winter/the Tempest suffix depending on whether you're doing Fire/Cold/Lightning, and then pick whatever prefix works best for you. If you have pets, then Ritualist's is great. If not, then something like Archmage's or Tyrant's or Blazing/Thundering/Freezing if you use the staff rather than spells to attack. Then socket with Prometheus/Tartarus/Zeus to give more +% damage and/or attack speed.

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    thanks you guys for the quick answers , i apreciate your help.

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