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Thread: The Dead Linger

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    The Dead Linger

    This is a game that I have been watching intently for months. Firstly let me say it is a game in development by Sandswept studios and an alpha release is expected in the coming months April - June so you can't play it yet. There is a small highly active community over at their forums:
    Dead Linger

    Also let me say early on that the development team interact fully with the community reading every post and replying to most, so if you have a good idea they will do a pretty good job to put it in the game if it works in theory.

    Now down to the game, its basically a randomly generated world, think minecraft. Currently cities, rural areas, mountains, lakes and forests are planned. Oil-rigs are on the list suggesting seas and more terrain (biomes) will follow later in development.
    The game is going to be quite realistic, little if no HUD, no health (bar and no red mist), items will be where you expect them eg guns only in gun shops, military bases (very rare), few houses.
    Melee weapons are in and you can pretty much use anything as a weapon but I doubt a flowerpot is good against a few zombies
    You can craft items, and its gonna be pretty wide, mix a bear trap with a Molotov and what do you get? A Molotov bear trap no less. Freeform crafting is being discussed as the whole crafting system is not set in stone. That would allow you to combine anything with almost anything, stick and grenade, gun and flashlight ect.
    You can build, so using planks barricade a building and build you own buildings, thats a pretty simple example I thought of off the top of my head but you get the picture. This will be a big part of the game and not just a small afterthought.
    Vehicles are planed later in development, so cars and a fuel system. Driving, like everything is realistic, go too fast, hit something, say hello to the windscreen for me, if you are not dead already of course. Helicopters and aircraft are being considered and there difficulty too, not everyone knows instantly how to pilot one you know. Railroads/Subways are being considered.
    Realistic physics, you can pick up pretty much everything, you know what I mean.
    There is both multiplayer and singleplayer along pvp and hardcore. So clans have begun to form ready for battle and just plain old surviving. The servers are privately run by players as like most pc games.
    Graphics will be quite good and will improve as alpha and beta progress, they will be on a level with Stalker in the beginning but that will improve.
    There is hunger which will decrease over and as you do actions, moving, walking, climbing ect. Thirst is in and it reduces the risk of infection.
    World is persistent. Items won't respawn and if you leave your base for a while, leave the gate open, theres a good chance it will be infested with zombies so please, for your friends sake, close the god dam gate! :P
    The world is 25,000 km squared in area, have fun getting there.
    There is a day and night cycle. If you go out at night be prepared, you pro. Currently its a 2 hour cycle but this may change.

    Thats all I can remember currently, and that's off the top of my head, there plenty more to be learned. I would advise any of you that are interested to head over to their forums and read up on some of the topics. Feel you can add to the game? Then open and account and suggest away, but make sure you use the search function as it's possible your idea may have already been discussed.

    If any of you got any questions I will try and answer them to the best of my ability.

    There are some models that can be soon on there blog which is updated regularly with more and more posts coming up to alpha and beyond: The Dead Linger

    The Dead Linger is now on Kickstarter and is doing amazingly with 6 days gone over 60% funded. Psst... Even Notch bought a copy
    The Dead Linger on Kickstarter:

    Also the Design Director, Geoff Keene has realeased a video calling for support,

    Help support what is sure to be a great game

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    Wouldn't this thread be more appropriately placed in the Games subforum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by defboy99 View Post
    Wouldn't this thread be more appropriately placed in the Games subforum?
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