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Thread: Resilience - How does it work?

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    Resilience - How does it work?

    OK so I've played a few characters with Defense... Juggernaut, Templar, and my latest is a Conqueror.

    Up until this point, I've been indifferent with the whole Adrenaline tree. I see build guides that praise it, and others that hate it... and I am at a loss here, because I've just discovered a post in another topic that just flipped my view of EVERYTHING upside-down.

    I saw a post that said that the passive granted under Adrenaline, called Resilience, actually gives -%recharge to ALL skills (not just adrenaline).

    For me, this still hasn't sold me on being a complete Adrenaline junky (yet), because I still don't actually understand how it works / triggers.

    If it DOES work with ALL skills (-%recharge), then how does it work? Does it only affect skills that were already on cooldown during the initial Adrenaline rush? Is it completely passive, as in always giving the -%recharge?

    If any of you TQ guru's out there would care to explain this to me, I'd be greatly appreciative! My thanks would come in the form of realizing hidden potential in my characters... however I would be quite resentful of the fact that I'd now have to respec 3 characters to factor in the Adrenaline tree...

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    It only gives -recharge to adrenaline itself, it worked on all skills back before IT.

    Adrenaline is totally worth it. Why?

    % chance to increase your speed and damage by a TON.
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    it just seems for me it never triggers when I want it to

    anyways, I've already pumped a bunch into the tree and we'll see how it goes. thanks for the help!

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    its the top one in the tree, Defensive Reaction, which is really the king. I love it, especially if you can get some +skills on it. IMO, id put one on Adrenaline (it doesn't really do much later on - but if you need the regen put more into it), then max Resilience and Defensive Reaction. Defensive Reaction only needs 8 points and will multiply your physical damage by 1.5 and give you an extra 20% total speed. When it activates your DPS shoots right up. I would go 1/6/8 and try get some +skills items there too.
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