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Thread: Harpies! (skin request)

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    Harpies! (skin request)

    now that I've got your attention - has anyone thought about/tried making a skin for the harpies which has the "convenient" feathers laid out as an 'underbust corset' instead of "bikini"?

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    No... I made a nude skin for them - and desert hags - some time ago at a request, though.

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    oh wow, i thought you wrote Herpes!

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    OK, Swifty, IIRC there were existing nude Harpies/Hags, but the nipples were placed wrong, and wound up somewhere in their armpits. I had asked you if you could fix them, and you were busy but said you'd look into it when you had time. That was the point at which I sort of dropped out of the community and lost track.

    Your reply above would seem to indicate that you eventually got to that project, I'm glad to hear it

    Let me see if a forum search turns them up...

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    No luck

    Well, Swift, our initial conversation about the Harpies was here

    But other than that, and this thread, and my comment just now in your maenads thread, search finds no mention of harpies in the adult mods forum...

    What did you wind up doing with the lamia?

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    What did I do with the Lamias? Well... here's a hint!


    As for the harpies, yeah - I did some texture mods, and cannot find them again. Bummer. I only have that screenshot I posted above. I guess I can re-do that someday. Haven't done skin mods for TQ in years... But I guess we need to dust off my skills, Grim Dawn is coming! :-) Hopefully with more sexy female monsters.

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