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Thread: TQ Frozen World

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    TQ Frozen World

    TheBigBoss has just released an English version of this game and I am having trouble getting it to run.
    Does any one have this up and running? If so, I sure would like to know your exact install path.

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    Really? He's finally released it? Wow....
    I'll have to take a look for it...

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    It's working for me (also, wow I had no idea such a mod existed until your post). Apologies if the following is too simplistic:

    The download is an .exe that unpacks a folder called "TQ" and an installer. Unpack it anywhere. Run the installer and set the correct install paths yourself (harder than it should be because it's in German), or just go inside the "TQ" folder and manually move the files yourself. If you do it manually, be sure to pick which database.arz you want to use (either original or PinkFrog's masteries).

    Correct paths are:

    1) Your Immortal Throne install directory (for example mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\Titan Quest Immortal Throne). Everything from the "GameDir" folder should end up here.

    2) Your Custom Maps directory (for example mine is C:\Users\Ben\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\CustomMaps). The folder "titan_quest_frozen_world" should end up here.

    Bear in mind I've only just started and only done one quest, I don't know if any other technical problems might be lurking.
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    I downloaded the mod today (Also realized I already had the first release from years ago), but honestly don't know when I'll be able to try it to any satisfaction - but I am curious as to any impressions...

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    well it doesnt work for me, in 2-3 seconds in game crashes to desktop and yes i did the install correctly.

    EDIT: fixed it but... t seems unrealistic hard...
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    I got it installed by first removeing the CustomMaps folder from TQIT and thus allowing the TQFW installer install its own CustomMaps folder. I also have Lilith and after FW installed I copied the Lilith folder (from the CustomMaps folder I had removed) back into the new CustomMaps folder. Note: TQFW is compatible with TQVault for those of you that want to use it. Also, If you have Vista or Win7 be sure to use XP Compatibilty when extracting.
    It took me some time, but so far (I'm now at level 8) it has been worth the effort. There are some bugs -- how they will affect the game outcome I don't know. Sure wish there was a walkthrough because the quests are a little difficult to figure out. Just be sure to cover the entire landscape. Also, any other info about the game will sure be appreciated.

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    TQFW game bugs and questions

    1) I found three caves that I can't enter between Brazmir, Seya and Grabriel 2) Game crashed when I went straight South of Grabriel to the border of landscape 3) Has anyone found Caravan Driver, if so where?

    EDIT: The game just "froze",not "crashed" at the edge of the landscape. I find this happens in most areas if you run your character straight into the border that is blind -- I am unable to turn character around.
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    You'll find the Caravan Driver in the city of Cyan... Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdr37 View Post
    TheBigBoss has just released an English version of this game ...

    The release is from "Apr 19th, 2009" ... Titan Quest: Frozen World mod - Mod DB ...

    And the mod also have any many bugs!

    And is also unfortunately no further developed ... AFAIK ...

    (Try Lilith ... or Diablo2Lilith! )
    Servus, Erwin

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    » German Thread about TQVault and Lilith Mod ...

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    Thanks Biblyos, I was almost there and my HD died. Got one ordered -- didn't have My Games folder backed up so I'll be starting over in a couple of days.

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