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Thread: Juggernaut the Master Armorer

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    Juggernaut the Master Armorer

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here, i have been playing TQIT for over a year now after getting bored of playing daiblo 2 for a long time. My first character was a battlemage, second one was a melee evoker, third an haruspex and finally decided to go for a juggernaut. To be honest my favorite character is the battlemage, why? Because he is the most challenging build to play with, he isn't the strongest build thats for sure but you can get a lot of action with him if built correctly but thats another story i may write about later.
    After completing legendary with my battlemage, i played as a melee evoker but at some point i got bored and wanted a super strong character so decided to go for an haruspex and yeah he is really powerful, so powerful that i got bored with him on epic as everything was so easy :p
    I realized a lot of players didn't have much love for melee earth builds. But i really liked my battlemage so decided to go for a juggernaut this time. I looked for a good juggernaut build on the net but only found a few.
    I decided to start this guide when i completed act 1 on normal difficulty so the guide isn't very detailed for act 1.
    Ok so i looked tried to look at why this build is called a juggernaut, what can he has that other builds don't?
    The answer i came up with is armor! With the combination of stone skin, battle awareness and rally he can have the best armor protection from all the characters in the game. So my goal is to make a high armor protection, high health regeneration character with 100% shield block and -100% shield recovery time and to make all this work he also has to have low spell recharge time. So lets start.

    This thread gave me some ideas for the juggernaut so you can consider it an upgrade. If you find any mistakes let me know, feel free to comment.

    First you have to decide with which mastery you want to start with, i say go with earth first, reasons are:
    Earth master is really fun early on, fire damage is really effective because mosters have low resistances so you can make the best use of ring of fire and level up quickly. We play because we want to have fun also and i don't find defense mastery fun to start with but thats just my opinion.

    Ok so at level 2 choose earth mastery, put 2 points in earth mastery and 1 point in earth enchantment. Pick up a torch as soon as you get one and see the monsters flying :p
    Level 3 put 2 points in earth mastery and 1 point in ring of fire so it should look like this

    level 4 put 2 points in ring of fire and 1 point in heat shield.
    Level 5 you can put 3 points in earth mastery or in ring of fire, you choose

    At level 7 i looked like that

    Reached level 8 when i killed nessus the centar and was like that:

    I didn't gave defense mastery much importance on act 1 except that i maxed out armor handling as fast as possible.Shields have very little chance to block, early on shields are only good for providing bonuses and once i a while block a little damage imo. The primary reason i'll be using quick recovery on act 1 is because of his bonus 10% armor absorption.
    So concentrate on maxing ring of fire and always take a look at merchants to see if they have better armor to sell

    Edit: I didn't use batter for this build but with more experience I think it's worth putting 1 point in it as soon as you can and 1 point in rend armor later on not more. It will Increase your damage. You can later buy the skill points back.

    level 10 looks like that

    level 12

    level 15

    level 18 close to 19 at the end of act 1

    As our goal is also to create the talisman of the jade emperor artifact you will have to farm for these items in act 2:
    1 Arcane Formula - Song of the Serpent
    1 Essence of the Udjat of Horus
    1 Rigid Carapace
    1 Scroll of Elemental Shielding

    level 21

    level 27 at the end of act 2

    +1 to defense skills shield, +1 to earth skills amulet

    Act 3 things get serious.

    Get close to pack leader and get in stone form
    Got to level 31 as i completed general in repose quest.
    put 1 point in shield charge to quickly take down dragonian mage that stuns you

    I also recommend farming for at least one monkey king trickery and one shen nong dark medicine. They will be helpful on epic where you might need to debuff

    level 31

    level 33 at the end of act 3

    use scroll of elemental shielding against typhon

    after killing typhon remove 4 points from colossus form and keep just one, add 1 point to disruption to make it to level 2, + 1 from amulet= level 3 i.e hit 3 targets.
    Put the rest in earth mastery to increase our intelligence and dexterity.

    level 35 before fighting the gray

    Level 37 close to 38 when entering tower of judgement

    level 38

    now we start investing points in quick recovery. Very helpful as the daemon archers hit pretty hard

    Level 39 before fighting undead typhon

    level 40 when fighting hades

    you could also use this build

    end of normal


    To start epic

    Before starting epic you could change your skills like this

    Brimstone increases your melee damage and the physical damage of eruption.
    This should be more than enough to destroy the monsters in that difficulty level

    Our goal is also to create the talisman of the jade emperor artifact so this is what you should farm in act one:
    1 Embodiment of the Golden Fleece
    1 Embodiment of the Valor of Achilles
    2 Embodiment of Archimedes' Mirror
    2 Epic Turtle Shell
    1 Arcane Formula - Jade Idol
    1 Arcane Formula - Raven's Shadow
    1 Arcane Formula - Kingslayer( Can be faound on all acts in epic but have better chance of droping in act1 & 2)
    1 Greater Scroll of the Djinn

    level 41

    I had items that gave me +2 to defense skills so this may vary a little bit.
    i decided to invest in pulverize first because it allows me to hit up to 3 opponents. you should try to maximize your chance of using your shield to deal damage so if you have + skills items put points in pulverize till it reaches level 6, at level 7 u gain just 1% better chance so better put points in another skll like shield smash, you will get 2% chance.

    level 42

    level 43

    level 44 at the end of act 1

    A little tip, use rally as often as you can i.e. during and between battles, it will save you a few potions and will help you against damage over time attacts like poison.
    Decided to put 3 skill points in inspiration as the monsters start hitting pretty hard and i want rally to last longer.
    I found a Stheno's wisdom of focus in the minoan labyrinth by killing a fire gorgon. Didn't even know this item existed.

    level 45

    maxed inspiration. I decided to start investing in defiance for several reasons, i had crappy resitances and to increase my damage output by reflecting a portion of damage recieved. It also allows me to do damage even if i am in stone form. A good combo is casting eruption then go in stone form while under the effect of rally.

    level 46

    got adroit loop as reward for completing missing brother quest

    level 47 before fighting the manticore.

    Died for first time by manticore. I can't belive i let this thing kill me. The biggest problem with the manticore is its biting attack that does damage over time. Try to avoid this and his blast. Use a scroll of the djin. cast quick recovery, rally, collosus form and cast eruption under it and shield charge. Avoid its nasty attacks and repeat.

    level 48

    start investing in iron will, it will help you in act 3

    After you kill the telkine add the 2 skill points to iron will to max it.

    End of act 2

    EDIT: On act 3 you get access to monkey king trickery and shen nong relics. Socket your jewelry with MKT and weapon with shen nong if you want. It will increase the effectiveness of your attacks

    Level 49 before fighting the chimera

    To be safe use a greater scroll of elemental shielding when fighting the chimera.
    Decided to sart maxing earth enchantment as i felt i had good survivability, remember always look for better items from merchants and mosnters. Wanted my eruption to do more damge for boss fights. As far as killing mobs is concered eruption as it is, is very powerful.

    On act 3 you will have to farm for these items:
    1 Arcane Formula - Ebony Globe
    1 Embodiment of Guan-Yu's Grace
    1 Epic Saber Claw

    A little tip for fighting the yerren boss of the mystery in the mountains quest:
    Cast rally, shield charge him, cast eruption and go in stone form. He will cast his ice meteor and will almost kill himself because of the damage reflected and eruption will finish him off. Easy game :)

    Level 50 +3 points to earth enchantment

    Level 51 when fighting the demon bull. Again +3 points to earth enchantment.
    Ok cast quick recovery, rally and collossus form. Also use a scroll of elemental shielding, shield charge the beast and cast eruption, though it wont hurt it much, keep pounding the bull till it dies, use stone form when he uses his sick fire spell, you'll know when to use it, you'll see your health drop rapidly.

    Used a greater scroll of stalwart alliance against act 3 telkine

    Level 52 when fighting typhon, died for a second time.... Ok i recomend using a greater scroll of elemental shielding and there is no shame to run away and wait for your skills to recharge, this could prevent you from dying, i should have done that the first time myself:p

    Maxed earth enchantment and put the remaining point in colossus form.

    End of act 3

    Act 4

    Search for these:

    1 embodiment of rage of ares

    When you reach rhodes remove one point in clossus form and i decided to put it in defensive reaction

    Level 53 before fighting the grey sisters.

    I decided to put 3 points in colossus form to battle the grey. After defeating them remove the 3 points from colossus form and put them in stone skin, also remove one point in defensive reaction and put it in stone skin. I thought it would become more imortant to invest in better armor protection at this point, my aim is now to max stone skin.

    Got 2 myrmidon's skullplate with about 530 armor on epic! This is strange. I think this must be an error and this should be the legendary one, since the legendary one give around 230 armor, am not sure of the exact number.

    Maybe I did not repeat it enough but having the heaviest armor possible is very important for a juggernaut so keep looking for those on sale, but do not sacrifice good bonuses just for better armor, also if you find a good one you may want to attach an udjat of horus relic to it, this is the most important relic for the juggernaut in my opinion and you should be farming for those.any relic or charm that gives bonus % armor protection is good for the juggernaut.

    Level 54 before fighting Cerberus

    Maxed stone skin with the +2 skills from dust of the titan quest. Used a grester scroll of the djinn to fight cerberus, it wasn't that hard as it was with my battlemage, in fact it was pretty easy, the importance is poison resistance and not to walk on the cracks on the floor and also avoid this ball of poison that he throws.

    Try to reach level 55 before doing the acenean pass quest, then put 3 points in battle awareness. This will increase armor, defensive ability and radius which will help the 4 archers you will get to stay alive longer. Also use a greater scroll of the djinn to help you in this quest. I am always cautious when doing this quest because it was the first quest i failed completing numerous times with my first character wich was a battlemage, had to exit the game and start over.

    I have to say that undead typhon was pretty easy, no much of a challenge..

    Was pretty tired but played a little nonetheless, tries to finish the game in epic. was distracted and was killed by a group of those spear weaving demons, that was really stupid, didn't cast any of my skills and didn't even looked at my life bar and forgot to take arpotion pfff........
    Well when guess i was doing something wrong tonight because i met with a dactly and died twice against him, fist didnt have rally and quick recovery, was still recharging, and went up to fight him, didbt cast eruption as well, i got killed even in colossus form, second time was pretty much the same, then came back with quick recovery and rally so he can taste a bit of his own medicine, cast and eruption and smased him, he ended up killing himself.
    Finally faced Hades, used a greater scroll of the djinn. I got to say i was dissapointed, this guy was not even a challenge, i never flt in danger with my juggenaut, the dactly was more of a challenge, really. For his first form no need to use colossus form, just use a scroll of the djinn, cast qucik recovery and rally, shield charge him and cast an eruption. When he transforms then you cast colossus form because of the spiral he casts on the floor, it hurts a bit. His third form is the easiest he wont hurt you much.

    Thats it end of epic

    Ps. Since its pretty easy to defeat Hades you can make some runs on him before starting legendary to get some good stuff.

    Thats how i looked like at the end of epic:


    Farm for these:

    1 arcane formula nqueror's Mark
    1 legendary turtle shell

    Some advice for playing in legendary:
    1. Try as much as possible to fight groups of monsters, it will be a waste of time and energy to use shield charge and eruption on a single target. You can run among the monsters till they form a large enough group then just shield charge and cast an eruption, then just hit them like crazy. If anything goes wrong you can get into stone form.
    2. Attack the spellcasters or champions first.
    3. Try to get a legendary turtle shell with pierce resistance bonus.
    4. Make runs on epic Typhon or Hades to get the certhas plate or any other armor that has -recharge, or equip an armor with golden fleece relic with -recharge completion bonus.
    4. Make runs on epic Hades or Typhon to try to get polaris amulet. I got mine by just playing the game in epic difficlty.

    Was lucky enough to get a soldier's unyielding will on epic, it gave me a great boost to my DA. But on legendary, with the style of play that we are using 85% or even 90% chance to block with -95% shield recovery time is not enough. I don't want to depend on luck, on my 85~90% chance of blocking whilke fighting tough monsters. Try to get a shield of focus and equip it with a legendary turtle shell. Though my epic soldier's uyielding will was good enough in act 1 legendary, it started to reach its limit in late act 2.

    Reached level 56 soon after killing nessus so i decided to keep pputting points in battle awareness.

    DOn't forget to watch for items to improve your resistances.
    Fighting the hydra was pretty easy, it was just a lengthly battle, make sure to have enough poison resistance apart from that he wont really hurt you.

    Level 57 soon after killing the hydra, decided to put 3 points in battle awareness.

    Level 57 when finishing act 1, no particular problem, just make sure you have enough armour rating because those automats and minotors hit pretty hard. Used as scroll of storm witches against the telkine.

    After finishing beast of legend quest i put 1 point in battle awareness, maxing it out, and one point in defensive reaction

    Reached level 58 before reaching Memphis.Put 3 points in defensive reaction.

    Got hand of Hephaestus in the sphinx. Finally got a decent weapon to replace my epic saber tooth, got to give up on attack speed and offensive ability, but got 1 to all skills a better damage.
    Got a triumphant scutum and put a legendary turtle shell in it, my epic soldier's unyeilding will served me well but i prefer to replace it for a 100% chance to block and -100% shield recovery time. Now that i got over 100% chance to block its time to reallocate some skill points so i removed 3 points from focus and maxed out defensive reaction

    Got killed 2 times while fighting the manticore, that sucks really!!! Ok finally this is what i did, i bought some skills back, like 40 skill points, its pretty expensive, and maxed out the core dweller, summoned it, then bought back all the skills. Removed all but 1 skill point from defensive reaction and put them in colossus form. Took back my sabertooth, attack speed is more important to be able to use the shiled attack skills. Before fighting the manticore i used a devine scroll of archmage fury, set my CD to aggressive, cast rally, quick recovery and colossus form. let the CD engage the fight and if you get out of colossus form, avoid at all cost his blast. At that time i had over 5k of health, had no negative resistances and could absorb over 1200 points of damage with shield and armor combined, still i got 1 hit kill by this blast without colossus form.

    Level 59 before fighting the telkine. Put 3 points colossus form. Now with defensive reaction maxed out and 4 points +3 from from items in colossus form, i'll make this telkine suffer.

    After killing the telkine we get 2 more skill points by talking to Imohtep. I just put the 2 points in colossus form. Why am maxing colossus form is because monsters get stronger the more we progress and colossus form take quite some time to recharge so i really want it to have a big impact when i cast it.

    I faced no particular problem to finish act 2. We are now in babylon.

    ACt 3
    You have to farm for the following:
    1 arcane formula Talisman of the Jade Emperor
    1 incarnation of the jade emperor serenity

    Before we start there are a few tips that i'll give you.
    THe problem with the juggernaut is his low offensive ability and defense rating. The low defence rating is not really a problem for us as we are not playing xmax. In fact its a plus as low defense rating means more critical hit received, but it doesn't matter because we have 100% chance of blocking and -100% shield recovery plus good armor. The problem comes from our low attack rating and low attack speed which can make battles be more lengthly. It won't really be a big deal in act 3. I finshed act 3 and killed Typhon with just 460 offensive ability and around 120% attack speed. The problem will come in act 4 where your low attack speed and attack rating can become frustrating. For now i am using the hand of hepaestus wich gives me +1 to all my skills and has improved fire damage. So if i am to replace it it better be with a much better weapon. We could use the scepter of the shadow king but we have to find it first, so I have an alternative. It can be quite lengthy to complete but its really worth it.

    1. Farm for a pair of stonebinder cuffs, even the crapiest will do but better get one with of alacrity suffix. You can do this whenever you want. The best place for me is in the minoan labyrinth at tthe last rebirth fountain.
    2. Farm for legendary saber claw charms. YOu will only need one but better get one with +45 offensive ability completion bonus. You can farm for them before the western silk road village, you can play on xmax to increase your chance of getting them but be careful. This will go with the sabertooth
    3. Farm for a sabertooth. You can farm for them in a lot of places. i farmed for them below the village of the jade palace waypoint. You'll really want a veteran's sabertooth. If u get one with of recklless power or of sulfur suffix it would be great. In fact any sabertooth could do.
    4. Finally farm for legendary viny growth. You could farm for it at the hanging gardens or in the marsh aroud the village of the jade palace or in the marsh around chang'an after the yellow emperor's palace. You will need it with 16% armor protection completion bonus. This will go with the stonebinder cuffs.

    EDIT: If your OA is ok I recommend socketing your weapon with shen nong relic instead. Also socket one of your rings with monkey king trickery. This will improve the effectiveness of your attacks.

    The way to the chimera was really easy, must be because of my shield and armor. As a juggernaut direct damage isn't really a problem to us, damage over time like poison, life leech and bleeding damage is what we should be careful about. Used a divine scroll of elemental shielding against the chimera, was pretty easy.

    Had fun doing the mystery in the mountains quest. The yerren boss died in an instant all i had to do is turn into stone form, with rally on and my triumphant shield he just killed himself with his meteors. Timing is important though, don't cast stone form too early, wait for him to start attacking you, cast it jsut before he roars.

    Reached level 60 after completing stalker in the woods and wealthy collector quests. Maxed colossus form and put 1 point in rally.

    The fight with the dragon lich was not very hard, if you have decent resistance everything should be ok, poison resistance is verya important. Hit him as hard as you can and you can just circle around him if you have to wait for you skills to rechrge. Be sure to cast rally and when he starts flapping his wing just get in stone form, you will reflect the damage back to him, don't get hit by this attack because it can instant kill you

    Ok the demon bull is quite tough, you have to be careful. I went to a mystic and bought some skills back, then maxed out all the skills of the core dweller except his fire attack. Then i maxed out heat shield and casted it on the core dweller and myself and finally put all skill points back. I set my CD to aggressive, sent him first use a scroll of archmage fury for faster recharge. I have to say that the CD didnt lived long against the demon bull. What you really have to watch out is when he dances around, bleeding resistance is very, very important, you have to farm for items that give you good bleeding resistance like mark of the overlord ring or visor of the shadowlord helm, epic rings like crest of murong, there is also amulet of hygiea, think there are a lot more, you have to find them because i don't think you can buy items that give you bleeding resistance. And don't forget you have stone form, do not hesitate to use it, thats why i use scroll of archmage fury, so i can cast stone form as often as i need to.

    When you reach Wusao mountain you got to be careful about the undead warlocks and spirit liches. They have the spell breaker ability which can really cause problems to the juggernaut as we heavily rely on the battle awareness and eath enchantment tree and also on quick recovery. So if they cast spellbreaker on you and you are surrounded by monsters you have 2 options, run for your life till you can use your skills again or get far from the liches or warlocks and cast stone form. Stone form is great as skill disruption doesn't affect it. Beware though as spell breaker can get you out of stone form, thats why you shold keep your distance from those undead mages.

    For fighting Typhon i used the same trick as for fighting the demon bull, ie. summoning a core dweller and maxing fire shield. Use a scroll of archmage fury, cast quick recovery, rally, use the shrine of energy so you dont run out of energy while in colossus form and start attacking. YOu can also use the shrine of thorns and battle marker. Try to avoid his meteors and keep hitting him. The core dweller lived longer than versus the demon bull. That was not the toughtest fight i had.

    End of act 3.

    Act 4

    Bought a triumphant stygian shield at the merchant in rhodes that had 49% chance to block. So went to the mystic and removed 1 point in focus and put it in rally

    Level 61 before reaching Medea's grove. Put 3 points in rally

    Ok so i decided to pause for a moment and farm for a pair of stonebinder's cuffs. The place where i decided to farm for those was the minoan labyrinth and i did it with massboss mod on. Don't worry, if you have 100% chance to block and -100% shield recovery even the gorgons bosses won't hurt you. Ok i'll give you some of my observations and hope they might help you.
    Of course you know if there are undeads instead of gorgons you have to completely exit the game till you get the gorgons. But in my opinion and what i know from experience you also have to observe what items are dropped when you kill the gorgons. If you get a lot of white items while farming give it up, really don't waste your time, exit the game completely and start over.
    If on your runs you get quite some yellow gorgon cuffs you can keep farming maybe you'll get one eventually. If you only made a few runs and you get a stonebinder's crown plus you are getting some legendary items along the way you are probably good, continue to farm till you get a stonebinder's cuff, if you don't at least you will get some pretty good items. Funny enough i was playing with massboss mod all the way, during a session of about less than 10 runs i got a stonebinder's crown and achilles spear, i didn't exit the game, just exit to main menu. Went for dinner, when i came back i started a new game but forgot to enable the massboss mod and guess what i got a savant's stonebinder's cuffs of clout on the very first run. I just got to level 61 at medea's grove and my experience increased to a little less than half way to level 62 so didn't farm too much.
    So remember, if you are just getting crappy items give it up, when you are out of luck just let it go. Come back another time and see how thing are going.

    So i equiped the stonebinder's cuffs with legedary viny growth charm with 16% armor protection bonus.
    Got a resistant ismene's helm before the swamps near soronis

    Ok i realise i dont need iron will to be maxed because with +3 to all skills, having it at level 5 is enough to have 100% resistance. So i removed 1 point from it and put it in rally.

    FOr fighting the gray sisters i just went to a mystic to make a core dweller as i did before, the core dweller is immune to vitality damage so their attacks won't hurt him. Do not attack the one with the eye as she is the toughtest, kill the other ones first. Fighting them was easy.

    Leve 62 when reached the river styx and put 3 points in rally. You really have to watch out for the soul reavers, thier energy draining circles can really put you into trouble as you heavily depend on you skills. THough they are not as annoying as the spirit liches because even if you have your enery drained you will only loose earth enchantment, battle awareness, quick recovery and rally will still be on. Also there is a bug sometimes with the energy circle, instead of draining our energy it makes us recover it.

    Defeating charon was not difficult, just don't stand where there are holes in the bridge and you will be ok. After defeating charon i decided to take a break and have a little fun, so went to make some runs on epic hades, i could really appreciate how much i progressed as epic hades was now a piece of cake, after some runs got the overlord so secret passage here i come! And i'll enjoy kicking toxeus' skinny ass, its payback time skinny ass! So i went to the secret passage in legendary! I always kill the siege strider first, then go to the cage where there is the anteok, then the one with the hydra, mini typhon and finally the cage where you get toxeus.No particular problem till i start fighting toxeus, he did put up a good fight and in the end we both died, I got critically hit 2 times in a row and like an idiot didn't care to take a potion the first time i got hit but he died also because of my damage reflection. I always keep nate as the last opponent and he is a real pain, he has damage resistance and hit pretty hard, the problem is I have really low defense ability, thats not really a problem for normal mobs but agaist nate thats a big problem, even in collossus form with all my buffs on, if i get crit i am only left with less than 1k of life, thats crazy, he one hit killed me when i got out of colossus form, at this point i decided to give up, think i overestimated my strength there but, I'll be back!

    After completing dust of a titan i put 2 points in rally maxing it out

    In the tower of judgement i completed my first legendary tortured soul charm, and what do you know, i got the ritual completion bonus right away, nice :)

    The achaean pass quest is where you'll be able to enjoy the true power of the juggernaut, having a juggernaut with this build is a great plus to any party. So i summoned a core dweller with all his skills maxed out, even the fire attack. Bought a scroll of the behemoth. Use colossus form when to beat down the siege striders faster.
    SO no shades can enter hades' palace? Well all four of the plus my core dweller made it and they even helped me defeat undead typhon. None of them got killed but i was already too late at night so i had to exit the game. Guess i'll never know if they could have made it to Hades. :p

    In hades' palace never hesitate to use a scroll of archmage fury and colossus form whenever you need it, whether against hades' generals or dactyls. Got a purifying porphyrion's legplates.
    Reached level 63 before completing hades' tresurey quest. Maxed out pulverize and put 1 point in shield smash

    To fight Hades i summoned a a core dweller by going to a mystic like i did before. Use a scroll of archmage's fury, cast quick recovery and rally, send your core dweller to attack hades, do not go in colossus form while he is in his first form, attack him till he gets into his second form then you too transform and keep hitting him till you defeat him. Was pretty easy. Thats it now all you have to do is to spend time to improve your build.

    This is my build after finishing legendary, i would say this is the bronze build, its a pretty solid build but i wouldnt risk it on xmax, also its very hard to defeat nate, the skeleton in secret passage, with this build. Else it can take on any mosters in the game even toxeus the murderer without major problems. This build has the best damage relfection overall i.e 99% damage reflected.

    Suffered some deaths while experiencing with possible builds. Got a triumphant stygian shield of focus Woohoo :) just went to the merchant and there i saw it, good stuff baby:) It cost more than 20 million gold so better have enough money on you if you find one.


    Please note, since the first time I wrote about my end game gears I made some changes to improve the damage output of the builds. So in the first pictures of the corresponding builds you will find the original version, the second picture shows the changes to the build

    I am using a stonebinder's cuffs of alacrity in this build. I know its hard to find so instead you can farm for a sabertooth of alacrity, its much easier to get one. Use xmax to improve your chance to get it. I decided to put a shen-nong's dark medicine relic to improve damage against resistant monsters. You can look at the changes below

    With this build you can beat any monsters this game can throw at you even in xmax. It has no bleeding resistance though so make sure to adapt your gear if you are fighting the demon bull in xmax. This build gives you Better armour, better skill recharge time, better health & health regeneration and better OA & DA. You can reach -100% recharge time if you use a scroll of archmage fury and it is also very energy efficient as you can get up to -70% energy cost so you can spam eruption and shield charge. U can even beat nate the skeleton now as if you use a scroll of archmage fury you can keep him in stun lock and beat him down without him being able to hit you even once, he will also go down faster since you can reduce resistance.
    ps. if you do not have a triumphant shield of focus you can use the tracker's hood instead. Its your choice. The tracker's hood gives you great piercing bonus which is great while fighting mobs, but Huo Qubing's helm provide better armor and less energy cost which is better for boss fights.

    And this is my final build, all items are legit though not all of them have been farmed by this character. This build provide the best armor protection, better defense ability, better health regeneration. I have to say that it was difficult to make up my mind about what carm/relic to put in my stonebinder's cuffs. If i use legendary viny growth with 16% bonus armor i can reach over 100 health regen per sec which is quite useful when fighting cerberus or against other creatures that deal damage over time but i opted for better armor protection with udjat of horus relic. Am still testing it but it seems to give better result vs typhon.

    Edit: I have made modifications to this build, you can see the changes here:

    The reason for the changes is to be able to deal more damage by reducing monsters' resistances. And also to make the build more flexible in the way you want to play it. With fast casting speed and the ability to reduce resistance, if we use a divine scroll of archmage's fury we can become a very tough caster for 90 seconds with -50% energy cost, spamming eruption and using shield charge to reduce our foe's resistances. You can take down bosses very quickly or if you want clear a whole map in no time.
    Since we can now effectively reduce monsters' resistances there are other scrolls that we can use to take bosses down quickly: the divine scroll of armaggedon and the divine scroll of the madden god to quickly reduce their life.

    Our poison resistance is negative because of the changes but thats not a problem. For fighting the hydra, cerberus or the dragon liche I have a pair of purifying porphyrion legplates which, after thinking well about it, I decided to socket with a legendary pristine plumage for even more poison resistance.

    After going through different bosses I think its better to keep the legendary viny growth on the stonbinder's cuffs as our main concern is damage over time attacks.
    Since i put legendary viny growth instead of udjat of horus our armor protection is now a bit lower

    But thats not a problem, I think I figured out how the game handles damage absorption by armor, Think the damage we recive is = Total damage-Amount of damage absorbed by shield-
    Bounus armor protection-armor protection of the part of the body that gets hit.

    eg. One of typhon attack does around 2100 damage and we get hit on the head where our armor is the weakest. So damage received = 2100-780-486-(772*0.88)=154.64.

    So if we get hit on the head if all of our skills are on we can absorb up to 1945.36 points of damage. No ordinary mobs deal that much damage except if we get critical hit. That's why we should also have just enough defensive ability so we don't get critical hit.

    Important: I made changes to my final build follow this think to read more about it

    The following videos were recorded using the previous build.

    This is my target level 75 build:

    Here is a video of my new build taking on the bosses on XMax.
    If you have problem watching it on youtube here's an alternate link

    New video of my juggernaut going through the secret passage. You can still watch the old videos for comparison.

    Last video of my juggernaut taking on some tough mobs on m4ssboss3s-mod and Xmax. I use a hale ring of supremacy with spectral matter to leech energy.

    You can still watch the old videos to see the difference.

    Boss runs from act1-3
    got a problem with the video on youtube got to change the background music

    Act4 boss runs, feel free to comment
    seems like the video is blocked for the US because of the background music, feeling too lazy to change it so here's an alternative link

    Last video where I take on some mobs(no boss fights) and go through the secret passage
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    Wow, that about sums it up i say!

    great guide imho

    Might have to make one now

    regards Relord

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    Thanks! Glad u found it interesting. I'll b uploading videos of some boss fights with my final build. I'll also add some more tips so u can check it out later.

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    How does all that +armor protection end up playing? I mean, can you just stand in a group of machae and shrug it off, or do you still need a source of life leech/health conversion?

    Very nice Sabertooth btw, and a smart socket choice
    There may be no 'I' in team, but there's a 'ME' if you look hard enough.
    Ħuʍop ǝpısdn sı sn ɟo ǝuo 'sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shalie View Post
    How does all that +armor protection end up playing? I mean, can you just stand in a group of machae and shrug it off, or do you still need a source of life leech/health conversion?

    Very nice Sabertooth btw, and a smart socket choice
    Hi, thanks for asking. No i don't need any of life leech/health conversion. I Only rely on my high armor and 100%chance to block. Direct damage from normal mobs cannot harm this build, only their damage over time attacks like life leech, poison, bleeding or vitality decay can harm him. Hence the high life regeneration to counter it. Only boss monsters can harm him with direct attacks and almost none of them can one hit kill him. I'll be posting some videos very shortly so you can take a look.

    About the sabertooth, i farmed it with my previous character, think that's the best weapon choice for this kind of hybrid defender as we don't have any skills that increase our attack speed or offensive ability and saber claw charm is the only one that gives bouns OA and it worked out really well. In fact almost any sabertooth will do but a veteran's one is better.


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    Jan 2008
    Just a thought but wouldn't Cerberus' Collar do more for you than Essence of Styx? It gives ~280 OA along with boosts to Total Damage, Attack Speed, Health, Str and Dex. It also gives resistances to Stun, Entrapment and Freeze so you could take some points out of Iron Will. I realise that it doesn't give +% Armour Protection while Styx does. But it would solve your OA problems, thus allowing you to socket your weapon with something like Blade of Thanatos for more +% Total Damage, or Shen-Nong's for resistance reduction, or some other more useful socket.

    With the amount of +% Armour Protection boosts you have, I don't think losing the bonus from Styx would kill the effectiveness of your armour, whereas having high OA and gaining +30% Total Damage (Cerberus and Thanatos) would give you some more offensive oomph.

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    Ya it would be great if i could use the bonuses from Cerberus' collar but Essence of styx gives more than armor protection, it gives big elemental resistance and poison resistance. I really can't afford my poison resistance to be negative. I think there is still a lot of room for improvement and i'll really have to think hard about it. This build hasn't the best DPS but i tried to work a way around that with huge damage reflection and eruption. The harder an enemy hit us, the quicker he dies. Also as an earth mastery user he is more effective fighting large groups of mobs rather than taking them one on one.

    Thanks for the comment. Any idea on how to improve this build is welcome. Am still testing it to find out what works best.

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    How are you distributing your atribute points? 1:1 str dex or some int aswell?
    thats about the only thing im missing in your guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relord View Post
    How are you distributing your atribute points? 1:1 str dex or some int aswell?
    thats about the only thing im missing in your guide
    Hi, should have wrote about this but think i forgot thanks for pointing that out.

    I forgot how much points i put in normal but that's how i used my attributes points:
    On normal difficulty i mainly depended on the bonus i got from mastery, I only put points so i can use items, mainly in strength, not much in dexterity. Also i didn't have to use that much attributes points on normal because i maxed armor handling.

    If you check how i was at the end of epic:
    You will notice that i have a lot of attribute points unused. That's mainly because i had a soldier's unyielding will so didn't invest too much in dexterity. I always tried to use items with hale prefix or other items that gives me strength bonus rather than use my attributes points, that was because i was not totally sure how much of which stat my final build would require at that time.

    On legendary i must say i did put more points in dexterity than in strength.
    At level 63
    I invested a total of 63 attribute points in dexterity which gives me a base DEX of 302, i do not plan to invest more in this stat. I invested more in dexterity mainly because of my lack of OA and DA but having better dexterity also increases our pierce damage, since we are using mainly a sword it wont be such a waste. I think 50 dexterity= +5%pierce damage

    I put 27 points in intelligence, which makes me have a base intelligence of 158, the rest are bonuses from items and quests. I recommend not to put more than this in intelligence, it was mainly to be able to use my hallow veil but it also increases the damage of my spells a bit. 50 intelligence=+4%elemental damage

    The rest was in strength i.e 52 points went in strength, and i'll be putting all of my remaining attribute points in strength as I level up.

    So I cannot recommend you a fix ratio, i would say on normal difficulty, you wont have much problem with OA and DA so you can invest more in strength.
    On epic it could be 1:1 str and dex and on legendary its more dex, some strength and some intelligence till you reach the required base numbers of dexterity an intelligence at which point its all in strength.

    Personally i think you don't have to use your attribute points as soon as you level up i would recommend to keep something like 25 points in reserve till you get your final build.

    Sorry i couldn't be more precise, i myself didn't plan how much to invest in attribute points at each level.
    Feel free ask if you have more questions or comments. Thanks
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    Thank you for that indept answer.. i fully understand.. i will most definatly have to try this build... i already have so many alts Joke..

    looks like alot of fun! ill give it a go

    if i think of something else ill ask here
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