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Thread: Build for Prophet Mind + Venefici

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    Question Build for Prophet Mind + Venefici

    for stats 4 points in str. and dex. 8 in intel

    for skills
    maxing out Mental Strike and Center Power

    1 in Mend Self

    5 in Force Javelin

    1 in Harness Mana and Charge

    1 in Stance of Focus

    any other ideas

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    With hybrid and a mix of str+dex you'll probably want a spear or sword. Mental strike lowers their resistance to piercing and you'll meet more stat requirements. This will leave you low on mana (no staff), so I'd watch your mana as you fight and keep adding points to the mana-related skills as you need it. Also, you're neglecting health (the attribute), so if you're dying quick it may be the cause. If not, then ignore that

    Hybrids tend to work better with long cooldown spells rather than quick ones like force javelin, because you want something you can pop between attacks, so just keep that in mind.

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