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Thread: Seeking Clarification: Pet Skills (Nature Example)

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    Seeking Clarification: Pet Skills (Nature Example)

    I understand there was a bug with pets using skills above their maximum level, such as wolves strength of the pack or maul. The fan patch fixes with with a work around. The statement I can find on this is "This is a workaround to fix a nasty problem: pets would not use skills above the max level of these skills. By increasing the max level by 4 (without increasing the cap), the pets are now able to use these skills above their previous max levels."

    In Underlord the skills all appear to have 4 added to them in the skill tree and I am able to allocate points beyond the original levels. For example, I currently have 13/16 in strength of the pack. I used a mastery shrine and summoned wolves. This gave me level 20 wolves and SotP of 16/16.

    Is this working as intended, and I just have to know that I should not put the last 4 points in the pet skills?

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    Thanks. For some reason I figured it would stop me from putting the last four points in

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