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Thread: Post Your TQ Collector Progress Here

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    Post Your TQ Collector Progress Here

    This thread is for all of you packrats out there who use TQ Collector. Now you can post & update your Collector totals/% and list any important recent acquisitions. Amaze your friends! Be the talk of the neighborhood! Squirrels beware!

    Anyway, as an example:

    I'm currently at 994/1752 (56.74%). Tonight I found Apollo's Curved Bow, Artemis' Silver Bow and Ajax's Bronze Tower in Legendary Pythian Caves while farming for SBCs with my lvl 63 Warden.

    Monster Infrequents: 160/487 (32.85%)
    Uniques: 399/655 (60.92%)
    Artifacts: 37/75 (49.33%)
    Charms: 63/72 (87.50%)
    Parchments: 11/16 (68.75%)
    Formulae: 64/75 (85.33%)
    Relics: 81/93 (87.10%)
    Sets: 179/279 (64.16%)

    Pretty simple. Show us what you've got.

    Here's all the info you need regarding TQ Collector, including the download links:

    TQ Collector


    TQ Collector Leaderboard

    Updated: 10/6/15


    This leaderboard ranks players who find items legitimately using vanilla TQIT and monster/boss multiplier mods such as Xmax (and its variants) and M4ssboss3s, as well as drop modifiers in Defiler. Items acquired through trade, ShopMI, ItemUs, Community Vault and other means where the player did not actually find the items himself during gameplay won’t be allowed, for obvious reasons. This is to rank players who have worked to find items listed in TQ Collector, not those who have received them via trade or item shopping mods. So please be honest and only report items you’ve found yourself. Also, let me know what mods you use while playing as this can affect the number of items a player can find (Xmax, M4ssboss3s, drop rate modifiers in Defiler, etc.). Full disclosure of mods used will give context to everything. And please post a screenshot of your TQ Collector total items count/% each time you update your stats.

    What's the prize, you may ask? Have a look here.

    1. buster62 (Xmax, M4ssboss3s)--1739/1752 (99.26%)
    2. Grandpa (M4ssboss3s)--1700/1752 (97.03%)
    3. tomrc (Xmax, M4ssboss3s)--1691/1752 (96.52%)
    4. Pazuzu (mods used)--1667/1752 (95.15%)
    5. shadowshiv (Xmax, M4ssboss3s)--1601/1752 (91.38%)
    6. defboy99 (Xmax, M4ssboss3s)—1509/1752 (86.13%)
    7. Medea Fleecestealer (mods used)--1484/1752 (84.70%)
    8. ajax2012--1468/1752 (83.79%)
    9. DerpyDerp! (mods used)--1410/1752 (80.48%)
    10. Irma2 (Xmax)--1387/1752 (79.17%)
    11. iwantthehidra27 (Xmax, M4ssboss3s)—1385/1752 (79.05%)
    12. BeaverusIV--1315/1752 (75.06%)

    13. bobinho24 (mods used)--1285/1752 (73.34%)
    14. gouldec (Xmax)--1258/1752 (71.80%)
    15. jonnymon69 (Xmax)—1248/1752 (71.23%)
    16. Asheron--1225/1752 (69.92%)
    17. Croc (Xmax, M4ssboss3s)--1171/1752 (66.84%)
    18. BeRad—1094/1752 (62.43%)
    19. spectre (Heroic Mod)--967/1752 (55.19%)
    20. octapult (Xmax)--910/1752 (51.94%)

    21. Njordsjr (mods used)--845/1752 (48.23%)
    22. jowshie—795/1752 (45.38%)
    23. benne--785/1752 (44.81%)
    24. Poinas—782/1752 (44.63%)
    25. tomejr--752/1752 (42.92%)
    26. Shalie (Xmax)--700/1752 (39.95%)
    27. AdamBast--699/1752 (39.90%)
    28. HeRo (Xmax)--682/1752 (38.93%)

    29. whisper8003--411/1752 (23.46%)
    30. Chaos1990-2--364/1752 (20.78%)
    31. philipooi666--304/1752 (17.35%)
    32. equ_alex—261/1752 (14.90%)
    33. Drclaud--255/1752(14.55%)
    34. Lunitis—204/1752 (11.64%)
    35. LMunhoz—157/1752 (8.96%)
    36. zixk--115/1752 (6.56%)
    37. draiko (Xmax)--110/1752 (6.28%)
    38. ainthatgravy--100/1752 (5.71%)
    39. sithren--79/1752 (4.51%)
    40. Nanimonai--62/1752 (3.54%)
    41. FallenSektor--60/1752 (3.42%)
    42. sugar kane (Xmax)--58/1752 (3.31%)
    43. FunkMast3r--44/1752 (2.51%)

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    I still have a lot of work to do, Total items count: 700/1752 (39,95%)
    • Monster Infrequents: 81/487 (16,63%)
    • Uniques: 280/655 (42,75%)
    • Artifacts: 13/75 (17,33%)
    • Charms: 59/72 (81,94%)
    • Parchments: 11/16 (68,75%)
    • Formulae: 66/75 (88,00%)
    • Relics: 88/93 (94,62%)
    • Sets: 102/279 (36,56%)

    I think I will go on a MI hunt in normal and epic to inflate my total count
    There may be no 'I' in team, but there's a 'ME' if you look hard enough.
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    Ah--good idea to list all eight categories. Wish I'd thought of that! I'll edit mine.

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    1387/1752 (79.17%)

    Monster Infrequents: 188/487. I don't target these, only the useful ones like SBC and Sabertooth.
    Uniques: 627/655. Mostly blues which I'm missing. Oh, and Ferrus Gnosi. Strangely enough, and despite bazillions of Hades and SP runs, I can't get the Legendary Act IV axes either: Pyrophoric Lop, Pytho and Sagaris Tartarus.
    Artifacts: 71/75. I had them all at one point but have used some Lesser and Greater to make Divine in the meanwhile.
    Charms: 72/72. Doh.
    Parchments: None. Who keeps these things??
    Formulae: 74/75. Soul Shiver is the only one I'm missing. Mainly because I make 'em as soon as I find 'em. I must have about 30 Soul Shivers vaulted.
    Relics: 93/93. Doh.
    Sets: 262/279. I'm missing Huo Qubing's helm and blade, the Earth-shaker and Fist of the Fiery Legion. The rest are things like Armament of Gaul which don't drop in game but are unlocked by codes or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irma2 View Post

    The rest are things like Armament of Gaul which don't drop in game but are unlocked by codes or something.
    Yup, same thing with that ninja set. I'm sure a quick google search will get you the code.

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    Nice collection Irma

    I do have a Ferrus Gnosi rocking on my Corsair, the random number generating dwarf must like me
    There may be no 'I' in team, but there's a 'ME' if you look hard enough.
    Ħuʍop ǝpısdn sı sn ɟo ǝuo 'sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı

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    Sceptre of the Shadow King is still eluding (and taunting, I'm just sure of it!) me after lo these many years . I have a new Holy Grail as well: I'd love to come up with a Defiled Ichtian Aegis of Guile, or something equally twisted, to attempt the fool's challenge of making a bleeding/poison build kick butt in Legendary . There will be absolutely shameless twinking involved because it's an experiment with very narrow gear requirements. I don't intend to give him anything out of reach for the act he's currently in, but other than that my vault will be his playground .
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    Alrighty, I downloaded this now... been keeping track on a printed version of the blues and purples list, but this is probably quicker now, for reference purposes.
    I have not kept many MI's... a couple of speedy sabertooth swords, and the 3 SBC's I've gotten (actually, now at 4 with my new dude...). I've seen 6 (or so) of 16 parchments, but drop 'em after the lol.
    I should be full on charms and relics, ofc... most of the stuff that drops in Normal is done, but I haven't done a lot of playing in Epic or Legendary, yet
    I update when I get it loaded onto my machine at home...

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    Total items count: 642/1752 (36,64%)

    Monster Infrequents: 82/487 (16,84%): 27 normal, 20 epic, 35 legend
    Uniques: 251/655 (38,32%): 134 epic, 117 legend
    I accidently sold my last Coil of Resillience, I know right now that's gonna be the last one I need
    Artifacts: 6/75 (8,00%): 3 lesser, 3 greater, 0 divine I make what I need, that's it
    Charms: 48/72 (66,67%): 16 N, 14 E, 18 L
    Parchments: 2/16 (12,5%)
    Formulae: 53/75 (70,67%): 27 L, 14 G, 12 D
    Relics: 92/93 (98,92,%) missing embodiment of gaun yu
    Sets: 108/279 (38,71%): 67 E, 41 L 4 sets finished

    Total Blues and Purples:359/934 (38,44%)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irma2 View Post
    Parchments: None. Who keeps these things??
    Short answer: I do.

    Long answer: The reason I love games like this is that there are so many cool items to find. And my main gripe regarding Diablo 2 was the extremely limited storage that made it impossible for me to keep those items. For me, it doesn't matter if an item is considered "useless" by others. If it's on the TQ Collector list, then I'm going to keep an eye peeled for it and Vault it if I find it.

    It's like collecting anything else, whether it's baseball cards or postage stamps or sewing thimbles or recipes or whatever. Let's take baseball cards as an example. As a kid, I collected baseball cards. I still have a lot of mint-condition cards from the early '70s. Now, anyone who loves baseball knows that there are a few great players, lots of average players, and a bunch of below-average joes that won't stick around the league for any length of time. Every collector wants to get the cards of the elite players, but every serious collector will also strive to collect the cards of the average and below-average players simply to fill out his collection. It's a desire for completion. There's a sense of satisfaction when you realize you've got everything in a set.

    As for those blue Parchments, sure, they don't serve a purpose as anything other than Easter Egg items, but there are 16 listed in TQ Collector, and I hope to get one of each. Pretty simple. They don't take up much space in the Vault. There are numerous other items listed in TQ Collector that I'll never use, but if I find one, I'll keep it so I can check it off my list. I may never find everything on the list, but I enjoy the prospect of discovering some cool items I've never seen before each and every time I play the game. It's one way to keep me interested.

    Years ago, I even made a custom plug-in for Morrowind--a big house in Caldera. Why? Just so my characters would have a "home" where they could display all of their loot. It had a massive basement filled with tables, crates, cabinets and closets. I enjoyed collecting the unique armor and weapons I'd come across in the game. Simple as that.

    I know many other people don't choose to hang onto certain items on the TQ Collector list, but I do. It's a goal of mine to complete the list, even if most of the items I find won't be used by any of my toons.

    That's why I collect these things.
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