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Thread: Post Your TQ Collector Progress Here

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    I reinstalled TQ so... 83/1752.

    That will take a few hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asheron View Post
    Hehe, relax man, I was only kidding, it would be rather pointless to post your progress if you were using ShopMI it's just annoying for me how some MI is so rare and some drops literally like candy. Therefore I have to "hate" other people when they get something I can't
    No problem, man--I know you were kidding! And I agree that certain MIs are like mosquitoes--they're all over the place and become highly annoying because of their preponderance, while others are more rare than a Bigfoot sighting... Instead of seeing Mbuti's Advocate, it sure would be nice to see Batrachos Greaves once in awhile, eh? And I sure would like a Homados, but instead I keep getting Phonoi after Phonoi after Phonoi... So, yeah, you're absolutely correct: MIs can drive a guy nuts. But that's why we farm, right? Because we're nuts!

    Anyhoo, I hope some ultra-rare MIs drop for you soon, Asheron. It's about time fortune smiled upon you, eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LMunhoz View Post
    I reinstalled TQ so...
    Uh-oh...the bug has bitten, the fever has struck--AGAIN!

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    I did more spearfishing for the defiled aegis of guile I've been looking for, with the very predictable lack of luck . I think I had Irma2's drops though-- I picked up a collection of farily rare purple axes including Furies, Scylla and its matching Charybdes, and Axe of Tereus. Weird the way the loot runs in streaks eh !

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    Quote Originally Posted by defboy99 View Post
    Uh-oh...the bug has bitten, the fever has struck--AGAIN!
    Your car is one of my new chars. And she got the numbers up to 157/1752.

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    @defboy99 - we have a saying here, "from your mouth to god's ears" so I do hope gods of Olympus grant me some luck on those pesky MI I'm hunting. So far not much, I got 2x Mbuti of Thundering and sold them right away, I got another Mbuti of Ruin, which is not bad I guess. Also got Dire Bramblewood Bow, which might see some action some day... Huo Qubing's Armguards, Silence - all those I had. But, I didn't had Achilles' Spear, and let me tell you, it is one fiiiiine weapon.

    I surprisingly have very little legendary spears, and this is nice thing to have around.
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    I wish I could find these blasted Act IV Legendary axes. I'm running Hades over and over and getting nothing. He doesn't drop axes very often but as the Machae and Gigantes en route to him can wield unique axes, I figured it's as good a run as any. But nada so far.

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    found my first legendary item - Eidolon Shell

    parachments:4/16 25,00%
    monster infrequents: 53/487 10,88%
    formulae: 31/75 41,33%
    uniques: 190/655 29,01%
    relics: 41/93 44,09%
    artifacts: 24/75 32,00%
    sets: 100/279 35,84%
    charms: 32/72 44,44%

    total item count 475/1752 27,11%

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    @ Asheron -- Great find on the Achilles' Spear! It is indeed a good weapon. I just checked my TQ Collector and I've got 14/20 Legendary spears. I'm missing the following:

    Reach of Helios
    Ares' Wrath
    Sacred Spear of Nephthys
    Soulflay Fork
    Onuris' Spear
    The Last Emperor

    Hang in there on those pesky MIs, my friend.

    @ sugar kane -- Congrats on your very first Legendary item! I remember when I found my first one (Doxa Kalo) and I couldn't help but to pump my fist out of excitement.

    As for my progress, tonight I found the fabulous, the much-coveted, the incredible...Fire Spike... (audience murmurs, yawns, gets up to leave...) Yes, I'm bringing up a lvl 19 Conq atm so I'll be seeing only new blues for a bit, and hopefully some MIs I don't have (such as a Normal Stonebinder's Crown, which I'm lacking and which I'm farming for now).

    1102/1752 (62.90%)

    MIs--184/487 (37.78%)
    Uniques--436/655 (66.56%)
    Artifacts--39/75 (52.00%)
    Charms--71/72 (98.61%)
    Parchments--12/16 (75.00%)
    Formulae--72/75 (96.00%)
    Relics--93/93 (100.00%)
    Sets--195/279 (69.89%)
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    Yes, I'm bringing up a lvl 19 Conq atm so I'll be seeing only new blues for a bit...
    The same is true for me. My Harbinger (lvl 10) recently found "Raging Bull" on the road to Megara
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