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Thread: Best Staff For A Spirit User

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    Best Staff For A Spirit User


    I've progressed greatly since my last thread, and am now up to Act III Epic. I am a much higher level (43), and i want to know what staves are the best for:

    a) My level (I am a Spirit Oracle, not a Storm Oracle).
    b) Best Legendary staff for a Spirit user.

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    Green Staff of Harrowing with base lightning damage. Period Search for it in shops - it reuires 31 level if i remember correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalimon View Post

    a) My level (I am a Spirit Oracle, not a Storm Oracle).
    b) Best Legendary staff for a Spirit user.
    Anyway's you'll end with maxing Static Charge or Heart of Frost, so Lightning/Cold staves are better.
    In early epic, you can shop for any "of Harrowing" staff, it's really deadly, especially if used in point-blank range, where enemies are affected by Spirit's debuff auras, and all three ternion projectiles can hit the same target.

    Of all legendary staves, Fingerbone of Boreas is my favourite, but I guess some lightning/cold related staff of Harrowing could be better.

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    If you're not comfortable with getting almost into melee range to use a staff of harrowing, try to find a staff that has a flat elemental damage bonus prefix and a % bonus of the same element, all on a staff with damage type that matches the affixes. It's something of a tall order, but they are out there . For example, a freezing staff of winter is probably about the best damage you can find for your oracle, if you can scrape together a chill of tartarus relic with the +% cold completion bonus.
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