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Thread: Items wanted

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    Items wanted

    Hey all,
    I'm looking for the items : Thoth's Shadow, Sword of Covu, Plissken and Zeno's Third Paradox.
    I'm farming Hades, telkine's and typhon on legendary for this.
    But I can't find them, is there a specific place for them to find? Or am I just unlucky?


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    First of all, welcome to the community
    Second this thread should probably be in "Gameplay", unless you're willing to trade these items for other ones (Is that your intent?)
    Lastly, I am no expert on Legendary items Sorry mate

    Welcome again though!

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    Thanks you
    Hehe sorry for that, I'm a newby :P
    Well, I'm still searching so let's see.
    If anyone knows an answer on this, please tell me

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    you can use tq vault to open this file,
    this vault only content Sword of Covu, Plissken and Zeno's Third Paradox

    i still looking for Thoth's Shadow

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    Thanks but where do you save it?
    Is there a specifik place for it?
    And I don't really understand what tq vault is either, sorry I'm so dumb :S
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    TQVault is a program that allows players to have virtually infinite storage. It's located over in the Tools section. When you download it, you'll see that you can create Vaults to store items. You create a Vault and name it and stash your loot in it. When someone trades a Vault file to you, you copy that file into your TQVault program"s Vault files folder. All of this info should be over in the TQVault section. It seems like most people who trade here do it using Vault files. The only thing to keep in mind if you use TQVault is to NEVER have it running while the game is running. Always stop the game completely, exit to the desktop, and then open TQVault. And completely exit TQVault before starting the game.

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    Probably don't know how that works :P

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    It's as simple as as little as 7 clicks (true story)

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    I'm not good with things like that. :P

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    you can actually run tqvault with the game running if you put the items from tqvault into the transfer area then close the vault you can actually access the items you put in transfer area with the game still running

    hopefully that makes sense
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