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Thread: Problems with Titan Quest Multiplayer.

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    Problems with Titan Quest Multiplayer.

    So i Re downloaded Titan quest again on my computer for the first time in a while, and it seems to be giving me a little problem with the multiplayer...

    When I click to play multiplayer and click "Start", my character refreshes and the same page is still there, not taking me to the "online" page.

    any information would help, thanks

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    I have the EXACT issue, i just reinstalled via 5 disks, and i havent played in so long because my old cd rom wouldnt read it correctly, and now i tried playing multiplayer, i click it, and my guy just reforms like i just opened the "Play Titan Quest" section

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    Someone please help us, i pretty sure its something to do with ports but i have no idea how to fix it

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    i have a modem in directly connected to btw

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    Maybe it not working anymore because iron lore shut down?

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    right click the game icon and go run as administrator
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