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Thread: [RELEASE] Diablo 2 Immortal ~ v1.31

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    [RELEASE] Diablo 2 Immortal ~ v1.31

    Version 1.31 Full Install (39 MB)


    Update to the recent Assassin release, adds fixes/balances and new quest bosses.

    As the name suggests, this mod is built upon the Immortal Throne expansion.
    Though it does fix many issues of the original game by itself, it is also recommended that you get the Bugfix Fanpatch.


    • Play IT with Diablo 2 skills!
    • FIVE fully playable D2 classes (out of six planned)
    • Original looks, sounds and designs
    • EVEN MORE unique new skill types
    • Javelin class weapons
    • Hybrid character and class mixture support
    • New balance systems, support for "weak" damage types
    • Proper scaling and challenging play across all 12 acts
    • New resistances for all enemies, immunities in Hell
    • New enemy skills and AI
    • Adjusted spawns, guest monsters, more champions
    • New enemies, heroes, bosses and items

    For details, have a look at the Development Thread.

    Comments and questions about the earlier releases can be found in the Beta 1.00 thread and all subsequent release threads.

    Changelog for 1.30 -> 1.31

    • Fixed no-fanpatch skin bottles and tag issues
    • Balanced Amazon Crits/Jab, Barbarian Bash/Berserk
    • Balanced traps, edited Fire Trap models
    • Balanced some boss stats & resistances
    • Added dynamic descriptions of pets and pet-using abilities
    • Fixed Bone Spirit damage & effect, adjusted mana cost
    • Enhanced final boss' AI & effects
    • Enhanced chest traps
    • Added a few bonus items
    • Added three new bosses/heroes to sidequests

    Changelog for 1.22 -> 1.30

    • All known bugs fixed
    • Assassin masteries added (30 new skills, 15 classes)
    • Dex-requiring swords and %dex affixes added
    • Relics reworked (element damage / racial protection)
    • New item recipies added
    • Adjusted around 300 items to boost fitting D2I skills
    • Included a basic set of skins for all classes
    • Added Diablo fonts
    • Enhanced summon looks & animations in multiplayer
    • Many small improvements and balances

    Some details on those can be found here.
    You may also want to have a look at the Assassin test / Q&A.


    Known Issues

    * Small 4:3 resolutions show black bar behind the skill menu
    - Native to Kirii's UI. Try another resoultion.

    * Relics cannot be attached to javelins
    - Current state of the art for 1h ranged weapons. One can use the "relics in all" cheat to allow it.

    * Grim difficulty does not unlock on first occasion.
    - Not sure what causes this. Just do the final quest once more (or unlock with Defiler).

    >> Please use this thread to report any other finds. <<
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    Olympian God Violos's Avatar
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    Overview of playable classes in 1.30


    Amazon // Nec-Ama + Amazon
    Necromancer // Nec-Ama + Necromancer
    Sorceress // Sor-Bar + Sorceress
    Barbarian // Sor-Bar + Barbarian
    Assassin // Pal-Asn + Assassin


    Thunder Warden // Amazon + Pal-Asn
    Fallen Paladin // Necromancer + Pal-Asn
    Shadow Warrior // Nec-Ama + Pal-Asn
    Arcane Warrior // Sorceress + Pal-Asn
    Battlemaster// Barbarian + Pal-Asn
    Frost Warrior // Sor-Bar + Pal-Asn

    Demon Hunter // Assassin + Amazon
    Tactician // Assassin + Necromancer
    Shadow Mage // Assassin + Nec-Ama
    Arcane Trapper // Assassin + Sorceress
    Trickster // Assassin + Barbarian
    Blademancer // Assassin + Sor-Bar

    Spear Master // Amazon + Sor-Bar
    Fire Thrower // Amazon + Sorceress
    Wood Witch // Amazon + Necromancer

    Voice Of Doom // Barbarian + Necromancer
    Chieftain // Barbarian + Amazon
    Shaman // Barbarian + Sorceress

    Skull Hunter // Nec-Ama + Barbarian
    Force Of Nature // Nec-Ama + Sor-Bar
    Warlock // Nec-Ama + Sorceress

    Cursed One // Sor-Bar + Necromancer
    Black Mage // Sorceress + Necromancer


    Scout // Amazon
    Goth // Necromancer
    Delinquent // Nec-Ama
    Apprentice // Sorceress
    Hunk // Barbarian
    Hellion // Sor-Bar
    Grasshopper // Assassin
    Vigilante // Pal-Asn
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    Thank you for the release of v 1.03, already downloaded and instaled... Will be building a Assasin tonight....

    Good thing that you fixed the TQVault problem, now we can have access to our character and the D2 equipement at the same time by selecting Diablo 2 Custom map in TQVault.

    I had a small problem after installing the new version: I tried to load one of my previous D2 character, and since your not using the bounce map, I tried to import, using the in game import button, one of them from the TQX Campaign Characters to TQ Custom Characters. Doing so my character lost all is skills!

    So do you know another way other then Defiler to keep the skills while importing from one to the other??? Or is it impossible and I'll have to use Defiler to put back the skills and quests to all my characters when importing them from your previous D2 version??

    Please don't take those questions as a critic against your work, I sincerly admire what you have done, but rather like a bug report.

    The only difference between a kid and a grown man is the price of his toys....

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    Olympian God Violos's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    You don't have to do any of that. I wouldn't destroy people's chars like that without warning.

    If you downloaded within the first 30 mins and got instead of the Select_Char bounce map, that's an error! A file in the .zip archive didn't update as intended. Has been fixed.

    Sorry about the inconvenience.

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    There is Assassin? There is Assassin???? THERE IS ASSASSIN!!!! Now I have start playing it again. Awesome job as always, I look forward to spend time, I should be spending on something productive, on this mod.

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    Priest Biblyos's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    Thank for such a fast answer... And for the PM...

    The new file as been donwload and will be install tomorow. Already start an Assassin, I will give you a report later this week.

    The only difference between a kid and a grown man is the price of his toys....

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    Citizen csabadns's Avatar
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    very nice job violos...I have started playing with my is even better then in Diablo, I might say...just one those Int influence a melee character, is it worth putting points in it, or should I go with the classical strength type?

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    If you want to use Lightning, Cold of Fire charged skills - it's much better to focus on Int and Dex and equip elemental swords with Zeus/Prometheus/Chill of Tartarus relics, if only Tiger/Cobra strike, then 1:1 Str/Dex.

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    That's true - even though the mastery is geared toward int melee, you can do both.

    First of all, intelligence affects a melee fighter the same way it affects a mage: By increasing element damage, elemental burns, magical damage (replaces vitality in D2I) and mana regeneration.

    What is special about the Martial Arts skills is that most of them put loads of element/burn damage on weapon hits, sometimes at the expense of physical damage. So to get the most out of those, you want high speed and high intelligence besides your offensive ability, rather than high strength and physical weapon damage.

    That is where the fast, light swords come in. And the dexterity-requiring MIs I added to some enemies in every act.

    The concept was already possible in IT, btw... there were just no skills for it, besides maybe Storm Nimbus.

    Now if you have, say, the Dragon Claw finisher doing 2x100 lightning burn, you can turn that into 2x300 with 1000 int. Or 2x1350 with level 5 charged Claws Of Thunder.

    That being said, all D2I masteries do give generous amounts of Int and Str in order to give damage hybrids an edge with respect to the powerful single-stat specialist builds (who basically forfeit half that bonus now). Meaning the added element damage will always be somewhat useful, even on a pure strength build.

    Also, as jaelrin said, there is the Tiger strike especially for physical/bleeding builds. Cobra Strike is indifferent, and Phoenix Strike is generally useful whatever you do. Even the other finishers with their -50% physical mods can be good for physical attackers once you counter that malus, which is just a little tweak to even the field. They do hit multiple targets, after all.
    So that is also a viable way.

    I hope this lets you guys undertand a little better what the possibilities are.

    And even if I am excited about finally having a capable int melee - what you choose, especially when it comes to hybrids, is entirely up to you.

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    To Violos: don't you think that Berserk Barbarian and Jab/Fend Amazon are quite ridiculous? They feel more overpowered than Conqueror in original TQ. Insane damage, and, with ADctH they're almost immortal. Yes, berserk negates your defences, but it doesn't matter if you do 40k dps ( wearing only legendaries, can be more with monster greens) and get lots of HP converted. One-shotting Armorites and Urdars on Hell difficulty looks a bit too much.

    Not directly related to current release, just my observations.

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