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Thread: Post your idea's for mods here, I am making a map.

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    Is there any way I can just lend it to you it is easier?

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    if it possible can you put in a few oppotional dungeons for exping and item farming
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    Hey Nightmare14,

    Firstly, I must apoligise for me not answering. However, I can add some dungeons for EXP and items. But not in the main game only in my custom map!

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    how bout adding refine items add + to your items,that would be cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToxZhit View Post
    how bout adding refine items add + to your items,that would be cool
    Hello, I have been inactive for over 6 months, I have decided for you to be the first post I reply to. So, the only way I could think to do that (as I am no good at this no more) is making a new custom map where you get custom items.



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