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Thread: Help would be appreciated regarding 2 things (stats and a few skills)

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    Help would be appreciated regarding 2 things (stats and a few skills)

    firstly. I am loving this game, I have read several basic stat guides, I am under the impression that I want
    atleast 250-400 dex then the rest into strength and health? (I am a conqueror)

    second, regarding the defender skill tree. there is three shield bash passive proc type moves on the right of the tree. I am very confused with these skills. these all count as separate skills and procs? so if I bash an enemy with my shield it basically does one of the three things? (less offense, defense, attack speed etc etc) and not
    proc them all at one time? being separate skills. (If this is correct) what if 2 or 3 proc at the same hit? which
    skill has priority to proc? or is it possible that they will both just apply the effect?

    Thank you in advance if you can clear this up for me.
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    For the best gear you'll want 525 in strength with the rest in dex probably. You shouldn't need to put anything into health, energy or intelligence. Probably go something like 2:1 Str/Dex.

    Not sure about the procs myself as I'm not into the technical side of the game, but you can see when Shield Smash goes off. I would have thought as they're separate skills they have an equal chance, but hopefully one of the tech wizards will be able to enlighten you and me as to any priority.

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    Some veteran players have posted that they prefer 1:1 Strength to Dexterity ratios, or 5:4, rather than 2:1. Dexterity modifies your chance to hit and be hit in melee, as well as your chance to crit and be crit. Strength modifies how much damage you do when you do hit. It is a lot easier to find equipment that increases your strength than equipment that increases your dexterity, so if you put an equal number of points into both you will still end up with more strength than dexterity. On the procs, like Medea, I've got no clue - but it's a great question.

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    ty for replies and ideas on the stat question. I think I will go about 5:4 as of this point it seems good, I recently reached hades and I'm liking 4:3, 5:4 ish ratio

    response to second poster:
    Yea man, it's mechanics like this that really are a nail in my head.

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    The shield passives are % to occur. They have nothing to do with using the shield bash skill. Just as you're auto attacking it has a chance to occur. They have whatever % chance they say, not sure why you're over complicating it lol. Only one will occur, whichever rolls first is the one that goes. I don't think there's any priority on any of them, but it's impossible to find out.
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    All shield procs in the Defense tree are different skills, so therefore you can (I have done this many times before) do all three, or one or two, multiple times in a row. My Conqueror never seems to hit with his main-hand, only his shield

    EDIT: Dammit Asylum you got here before me

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    I too am unsure about which passive shield attack "overwrites" the others... but it's great to see a new player being smart enough to put points in all 3 of them !

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    400 Dex is a good base to aim for. It allows you to wear Stonebinder's Cuffs and most other Dex-based items. Although some bows and spears will require more. It also helps your OA and DA, although neither will be satisfactory from your base Dex alone. So even with 400 Dex, you will still want to enhance both OA and DA further with either skills or gear. 1000 DA is a good base in Legendary, with around 800 OA. If you can hit those figures, you should do fine.

    Regarding the shield passives, my understanding is the same as Asylum's - that 0 or 1 of them can proc on each attack, never more. I also believe they can't proc if your attack is with another shield skill such as Shield Charge or Batter. Although I stand to be corrected on that.

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    asylum: sorry to not write my ideas more clearly, I don't mean an activation skill (bash?), I'm only talking about the passive shield hit moves on the very right of the tree.

    thank you everyone for helping me out. I assume that the random % is rolled one time then on a large sided die (hypothetically) rather then separate rolls for each (which would leave the problem of which one has priority over the others) even if this is not exactly how it works, it puts my mind more at ease thinking of it that way.
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    Imagine you have a hundred-sided die. Passive one rolls on one thru twenty, while passive two rolls on 21 thru 39 and passive 3 roll ons 40 thru 60. Every other number (61 theu 100) are regular hits

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