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Thread: Help would be appreciated regarding 2 things (stats and a few skills)

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    exactly how I think of it until proven otherwise darklightr thank you kindly sir.

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    That's what I'm here for

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darklightr View Post
    Imagine you have a hundred-sided die. Passive one rolls on one thru twenty, while passive two rolls on 21 thru 39 and passive 3 roll ons 40 thru 60. Every other number (61 theu 100) are regular hits
    That's pretty much how I always imagined it.
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    Is that how it works for the dual wielding skills as well?

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    Yep. Although there is either a cap or another mechanic involved. A Warden with all shield passives, Volley and Gouge maxed +4 will have 5X20% activation chance. So you should get a proc on every attack. But you won't. You will still do some regular hits. I'm not sure what limits the proc chance but something does.

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