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Thread: league of legends: the rise of baron

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    league of legends: the rise of baron

    hey dudes, just finished a lol story (just gotta add and cut i bit now XD) i know i messed around a bit lol, but here it is XD.

    The Demacian army broke camp and started the march to the fields of justice. The Demacian blue and golden armour and banners The royal guard rode at the head of the army, lead by the prince, Jarvin.
    “Finally we get to send the Noxians out of Valoran once and for all” said the captain of the guard, Garen
    “Yes, it will be nice to wipe the smiles off their faces” smirked Shyvana, the half dragon.
    “They have over stayed their welcome, and will pay for trying to destroy Demacia” agreed Galio, spreading his green wings and hovering just above the small group. Three horses galloped towards them.
    “Ahh, the scouts are back” grinned Jarvin.
    The horses came to a stop just before the group.
    “You highness” begun the lead rider, “The Noxian army is about ten miles away”
    “very good, Xin”
    “Lux” called Garen “how big does their army look?” the golden haired woman to Xin’s right rode up.
    “Looks about five thousand, brother” she replies, swinging her staff
    The other woman next to Xin smiled
    “easy” she grinned
    “Don’t forget they have as many champions as us” said Garen.

    They rode on for about an hour. Out of nowhere a horn sounded, followed by another.
    “THEIR HERE” roared Garen, “FORM UP”
    The van guard galloped to the front of the column, weapons ready
    “Same as always, charge and run” said Garen
    The Demacian horns blew. The guard spired their horses to full gallop, and charged across the fields of judgment towards their foes.

    Soon the Noxians came in to sight and sent their own vanguard out to counter the Demacians. “DEMACIA” came the roar from the Demacians as the sides clashed. Garen swung his huge great sword and un-horsed a Noxian, before moving next to Jarvin. Suddenly the prince lurched forward in his saddle and crashed to the ground.
    “What…” Garen looked around, “JARVIN” he span around, but the prince was lost under the horses. Next to him Sona fell, nothing had touched her. Poppy fell next, crashing off her horse.
    What is happening, he thought
    Galio flew above the battle field, striking the Noxians down, one by one, Suddenly pain shot thorough his back, before he plummeted to the ground. The Demacian champion reached to his back and pulled a siver bolt out of it.
    “Vayne…” he swore, before entering the void.
    Shyvana blew a Noxian out of the saddle with a ball of fire, she grinned, easy. Something whistled past her shoulder, she span around and got a bolt through the neck.. Garen regrouped with Xin and Lux.
    “we are the last champians…” he said
    Xin swore loudly.
    “And here come the Noxian ones” said Lux gravely
    “We have to pull back” groaned Xin angrily .
    “DAMN’ swore Garen, before “FALL BACK TO DEMACIA”


    Kayle flew through the air and crashed into the rock face. Her golden armour took most of the force out of it, but it still hurt – bad. She rose back to her feet, long sword in her right hand and jumped back into the air. Kayle’s white wings opened up from her back as she prepared herself for one more charge.
    “Why are you doing this?” she shouted to her opponent.
    Morgana, Kayles sister and former friend rose up from the ground, black wings spread.
    “You were always stealing the glory, always the loved one” Morgana called back, purple energy encasing her hands.
    “Now it’s my turn to show the world what I can do. In a few days I will have the Trinity Force and rise the Baron.”
    “I can’t let you do that,” yelled Kayle, her sword igniting before she flew at her sister.
    Purple energy flew out of Morgana’s hands. Kayle blocked the attack, not slowing. Morgana grinned.
    “I’m sorry,” whispered Kayle, blade flashing towards her sisters exposed chest. Then she was thrown backwards to the ground, her helmet flying off. Morgana laughed. Six figures stepped out of the shadows and surrounded Kayle. She got back to her feet, brown hair blowing around her face. She groaned and held her gut, a huge dent punched into it.
    “Graves,” she spat as the outlaw hoisted a massive shotgun. A howl came from the werewolf to her left –Warwick. Another man, a ninja, spun his swords in vicious arcs –Shen. The jester to her right cackled. “Shaco,” kayle swore. Another man came forward, crested helm, round shield and huge spear –Pantheon. The final person, a woman, stepped forward holding her crossbow.
    “Vayne,” Kayle muttered.
    “Yes dear?” replied Vayne, grinning.
    “As you can see, I will get that Trinity force and you can’t stop me,’ gloated Morgana.
    “Kill her!”

    STOP!” a voice yelled from the cliff top.
    A man jumped down and stood with Kayle. He was dressed in leather and had a big broad brimmed hat.
    “You,” spat Graves, levelling his gun at the newcomer.
    “My name’s Twisted Fate and I don’t think that you have the right to hurt this fair lady.”
    Three cards, red, blue and yellow appeared in his right hand.
    “Seven versus two - you should leave now,” Kayle said to him.
    “Yes I should, but I like those odds,” he grinned. Then Kayle and Fate glowed green, a ring of green cards surrounded their feet before they vanished reappearing seven miles away.
    “What was that?” asked Kayle.
    “Skill,” grinned Fate before collapsing, exhausted.

    Twisted Fate awoke. It was night. He looked around hearing the crackle of a fire. On the other side of it sat kayle, helmet off and sword sheathed. Kayle looked up and saw he was awake.
    “Thank you for saving my life back there,” she said as Fate moved to sit beside her.
    “It’s okay,” he replied. “I had my own scores to settle.”
    “With Graves?” she asked.
    “Yeah. He killed a close friend.”
    “I’m sorry….” Kayle said, lightly punching his shoulder.
    “Don’t worry,” he replied and grinned. “So, what’s your story?”
    “The black winged angel that you saved me from – she’s my sister.”
    “Oh,” murmured Fate.
    “I don’t know much about it, but she turned and now I have to stop her and I have no forces to help.”
    “Stop her from what?”
    “She’s going to raise The Baron with the Trinity Force.”
    Fate inhaled sharply.
    “I will help,’ he said, “and I know someone that will as well.”
    “Of course – if you can put up with me.”
    Kayle laughed.
    “Yes of course I can.”

    A day later the companions reached the Asitian forests.
    “He lives in the centre of the middle forest,” said Fate.
    “Who is he?” asked Kayle.
    “He is a master of Wuju swordsmanship and his name is Yi”
    As they entered the forest they saw a winding path.
    “That leads directly to Yi’s house” murmured Fate as they started towards it.
    The sun had almost fallen by the time they reached the clearing. A small house sat in the centre, smoke curling from the chimney.
    “And there it is,” said Fate.
    A clash of steel led the two travellers to the other side of the clearing. Two people, battling were the source of the sound. The first had black and green leather armour and a two-handed sword. The other – a woman – wore black leather and no helmet covered her red hair. Two short blades were held backhand in her grasp. The armoured man whistled and they both stopped.
    “Yi,” called Fate to his friend.
    The armoured man took off his helmet.
    “Fate,” he replied, sheathing his sword.
    “Who’s the young lady beating you?”
    “This is Katarina,’ said Yi, as he motioned to the woman.
    Katarina grinned. “I’m his girlfriend,” she said.
    “A pleasure,’ said Fate, nodding to her. “This is Kayle and she comes looking for help”
    “Come in,” said Yi, motioning to the house.

    “…….and she will use the Trinity force to raise The Baron,” finished Kayle.
    “Morgana you say,” said Yi. “I must think on this.”
    “Another thing,” spoke up Fate, “Shen is with her.”
    Yi slammed his fist into the table top.
    “If he is there then I will definitely come.”
    “I’m in too,” said Katarina.
    “Thank you,” smiled Kayle.
    “Four against seven still not good odds,” said Fate.
    “I think I know people who will even the odds,” said Kat, “the last Demacians.”

    A man rode into Morgana’s camp. He was clad in black iron armour covered in spikes. A huge spiked mace was strapped to his back. He dismounted and strode toward Morganas command tent.
    “Lady Morgana.’ He sais as he entered.
    “Lord Mordekaiser,” she replied as he bowed. “I trust that you bring good news.’
    ‘Yes my lady. As you said, it was buried in the ruins of Demacia.”
    He reached into a pouch and pulled out a small golden triangle.
    “The first part of the Trinity Force,” he said, passing it to her. A small blue sword was pictured on it.
    “The Sheen,” she said, “it will increase my magic tenfold.” Morgana laughed. “The second part is in the crystal scar. It is called the Zeal.”
    “I’ll get Captain Fortune to take us on the Ladyluck,” grunted Mordekaiser.
    “Ah yes, the female pirate,” smirked Morgana.
    “It will take three days to reach the second part, no one can stop us now,” laughed the Lord.

    The four companions arrived at the Angaar caves two days later.
    “The Demacians live in a hidden cavern in here,” said Katarina, lighting a torch.
    “Kat will lead, then me and Kayle. Fate you will bring up the rear,” said Yi, torch in hand and sword partly drawn.
    And then they entered the caves.
    They were in a twisting labyrinth of tunnels. After walking for many hours they stopped.
    “We are almost there,” said Kat.
    “I’m sick of these tunnels,’ muttered Fate.
    “It’ll be worth it,” said Kayle.
    “I hope so….”
    “Let’s move,” called Yi.
    After a few more corners they arrived at a dead end.
    Twisted Fate groaned “nice one.”
    Kat walked up to the wall and reached behind a loose rock, pushing a hidden button. The rock wall slowly went up and light flooded the caves. A figure burst roaring out of the light and tackled Kat to the ground. Yi swung his sword at their attacker, but it was blocked by a spear.
    “Garen!” yelled Kat.
    The man jumped up, pulling Kat with him.
    “Yes, silly,” she grinned.
    “Xin, stand down,’ Garen ordered the man with the spear. Xin stepped back and lowered his weapon. Yi sheathed his sword.
    Kat spoke up, “this is Yi, Kayle and Twisted Fate” motioning to her friends.
    Garen nodded to them. “You have met Xin Zhao, I am Garen and this is Lux – my sister,” he said pointing to a blonde-haired woman with a staff.

    The companions and the Demacians sat on logs arranged in a circle.
    “So you want our help,” asked Garen.
    “Please, we need you,” said Kayle.
    “Then we will help you,” said Garen rising and strapping his great sword to his back. “But we know Morgana has the Sheen, and will soon get the Zeal. I suggest we go straight to the last part, the Phage, and stop them there.”
    “To the Island of the Blessed it is then,” said Kayle.
    “And I know a certain pirate to get us there – Gangplank,” grinned Fate.

    Miss Fortune, captain of the Ladyluck brought her ship into the Bay of the Crystal Scar.
    “Docking in two minutes,” she called to Morgana.
    Two minutes later, the twenty pirates aboard the ship jumped to shore and dragged the boat onto the beach. Fortune grabbed her two pistols. “All you pirates, stay on the ship,” she yelled to her crew.
    Fortune, Morgana and the other champions jumped to shore and headed up the beach into the forest.
    “There is only one enemy champion here, Riven,” growled Warwick.
    “And she has only twenty warriors with her,” added Pantheon.
    Graves laughed, “easy.”
    After about an hour of steady walking through the forest the group reached the centre of Crystal scar. In the middle of the clearing was a floating stone, with Zeal the second part of the Trinity Force on top. The eight walked into the clearing weapons and magic ready. The first ten guard warriors saw them and charged. All were dead in seconds. The next ten charged. All died. Then Riven stepped forward, sword drawn. The eight surrounded her. Riven saw Morgana.
    “Traitor!” she spat.
    Morgana grinned, “Time to die.”
    Her followers charged at Riven. She spun and laid open Fortune’s arm to the bone. Miss fortune screamed. Riven blocked Mordekaisers mace and Pantheons spear. Warwick leapt forward and rammed his claws into her gut. Shaco’s daggers followed and she was finished by Pantheons spear. Fortune stepped up, cradling her wounded arm and shot Riven through the head.
    Morgana walked towards the stone and grabbed the Zeal. She felt speed running through her. She then raised the Sheen and touched the two pieces of the Force together. The corners fused together. She laughed – one more.

    “Twisted Fate,” grinned the pirate lord Gangplank.
    “Gangplank,” he replied before embracing his friend.
    “What brings you here, my friend?”
    “We need you to take us to the Island of the Blessed.”
    “As usual I’d be happy to take you anywhere,” said the pirate. “But what is the reason?”
    “A traitor has decided to raise The Baron, and already has two parts of the Trinity.”
    Gangplank inhaled sharply. “If you don’t mind sharing the ship with another passenger who would be willing to join the fun, I will get you there.”
    “Who is it?” asked Fate.
    “A barbarian king called Tryndamere.”
    Morgana stood at the helm of the Ladyluck with Miss Fortune.
    “One more day at the most before we reach the Island of the Blessed,” said Miss Fortune.
    “Good… good’” replied Morgana.
    “How will we get the Phage when it is guarded by two of the strongest champions?”
    “Volibear is just an oversized polar bear, and Akali is with us. When we land, Warwick will go in and help Akali take down the bear.”
    Fortune laughed. “Soon we will have our revenge.”

    A day into the journey to the Isle of the Blessed, Tryndamere came out on to the deck of the Carrion – Gangplank’s ship. He wore a vicious horned helmet, wolf skin clothes and had a huge curved sword at his waist. Muscles rippled down his arms and bare chest.
    “Nice of you to join us at last,” grinned Gangplank.
    “I hate the sea,” growled the barbarian.
    Gangplank laughed. “I have some news for you. I have found out where Warwick is.”
    “Get me there NOW!” thundered Tryndamere.
    “That’s where we’re going.”
    “He must pay for what he has done.”
    “He soon will.”
    “Sail on the horizon!” yelled Gangplank’s lookout.
    The pirate captain jumped down from the helm and looked to starboard through his telescope.
    “The Lady Luck,” he breathed. “Miss Fortune. They’re going to intercept us, to your stations and run out the cannons,” he yelled.
    The pirates scurried over the ship, making the ship ready for battle. They drew their weapons. Kayles team ran out to the deck and spread out. Tryndamere followed, drawing his huge blade.
    After what seemed like hours the Lady Luck was within bowshot distance.
    “Prepare to repel boarders,” yelled Gangplank, pistol and cutlass at the ready. The enemy ship came alongside the Carrion, guns out.
    “FIRE!” roared Gangplank.
    Both ships cannons boomed
    Grappling hooks were hurled from both ships and latched on to the other. Pirates swung over the gap and landed on the enemy vessel. Kat sprinted over the deck of the Carrion and jumped over the side of the ship toward the lady Luck. Halfway across the gap she disappeared into a cloud of purple smoke, reappearing on the other ship, blades drawn.
    The crews clashed on both ships, neither side gaining the upper hand. Yi cut and stabbed, his Katana mercilessly cutting down all his foes. Twisted Fate launched his cards at anyone coming up to the helm. He looked around and saw Morgana on the deck of the Carrion. A glowing red card appeared in his hand.
    “Kat, get back over here,” he yelled to his friend.
    She heard and sprinted to the railing of the Lady Luck. But Pantheon jumped into her path, spear stabbing out. Kat deflected the spear, but was caught by the shield and knocked unconscious to the ground.
    “Chain her,” snarled Pantheon.
    Fate shot his arm forward and launched the red card. It struck the side of the enemy ship and exploded. The two ships shot apart, disengaging with a massive grinding sound.
    Morgana whirled around. Surrounding her were the eight enemy champions and the pirate crew. Kayle stepped forward, sword drawn.
    Morgana looked around frantically. The ship suddenly shook beneath their feet. She grinned.
    “The ship is sinking,” she laughed.
    Kayle swore and slammed her sword into the deck.
    “We need her magic to keep it together,” she said.
    “And I can’t fly back to the Lady Luck - it’s too far,” commented Morgana.
    “You keep it afloat and we will get to the Isle of the Blessed,” replied Kayle.
    “Wait! Where is Kat?” asked Yi.

    Katarina woke as water was thrown on her face. She sat on the deck of the Lady Luck chained to the mast. In front of her stood Shaco and the wolfman Warwick. The demon jester walked up and kicked her in the side, laughing.
    “You will pay for that,” snarled Kat, spitting blood from her mouth.
    Shaco cackled again. “I do not think so,” he said. “She’s all yours.”
    He walked off, leaving her with Warwick.
    “Why did you join the Demacians and betray your home, Noxus?” he growled.
    “I do not side with people who slaughter innocents and children,” she shot back. “If that is what my people do, then Noxus and its leaders are the traitors.”
    Warwick roared and smashed her to the floorboards with his clawed hand, leaving four bloody wounds in her right shoulder.
    “Traitor,” he snarled, stamping off.
    Kat scrambled back to her knees, her eyes watering. Her hand itched for the dagger on the inside of her boot but the chains wouldn’t let her reach. She swore angrily before leaning back against the mast.
    “Soon,” she muttered.

    The Carrion reached the Isle of the Blessed minutes before the Ladyluck. Morgana jumped, wings out and shot away from the ship.
    “Go, go, go!” shouted Fate.
    The team jumped onto the beach and took off to the centre of the island.
    The lady Luck beached soon after.
    “Go Warwick,” shouted Shaco.
    The wolf leapt off the ship and sped off on all fours after Kayle’s team. He passed them after a minute. After all the other champions had left the ship, Shaco cackled and untied Kat, taking her below deck. To die.
    Warwick reached the centre of the island. A pillar rose up in the centre, the final part of the Trinity upon it. Guarding it were a an armoured bear that crackled with lightening, and a woman clad in black with short scythes in each hand. Warwick charged at the bear, fangs bared. Volibear leapt towards him, roaring. The woman Akali jumped at the bear and sank her blades into his shoulders. Warwick reached him and stabbed him in the throat. Volibear collapsed in a pool of blood.
    “Akali,” he growled.
    Akali smiled under her mask, ‘Warwick.’

    “Yi!” a voice thundered out of the darkness. The samurai looked around and saw Shan at the base of the mountain.
    “You,” he snarled, before drawing his Katana and charging off towards his foe.
    “Yi,” yelled Fate, but he was gone.

    Kayle’s team reached the centre of the Island and squared off against the two enemy champions. Morgana’s team came out behind them. Vayne and Fortune ran to join Warwick and Akali. Tryndamere drew his huge curved sword and stepped out of the circle. He advanced on Warwick, rage boiling inside him.
    “You killed my friends.” He took another step.
    “You murdered my family.” An arrow slammed in to him.
    “You slaughtered my clan,” he roared, an undying rage filling him. He charged Warwick bullets and arrows striking him. Warwick lunged and rammed his claws into the barbarians’ chest. The sword came down and cut Warwick almost in two. The wolf collapsed. Tryndamere let out an earth shattering yell before falling to the ground, dead.
    “Vayne?” called Garen
    “Ahh, Garen, the might of Demacia.”
    “Traitorous swine,” snarled Xin.
    “Xin, Lux,” smiled Vayne.
    “Why?” asked Lux.
    “Everyone has their price. Jarvin and the others never saw it coming, and so they died for it.”
    “Let’s take them,” whispered Garen.
    Lux turned to Fortune, Xin to Akali and Garen to Vayne.
    “DEMACIA!” they roared, charging.

    Kat managed to get her knife out as she was being led below deck. Shaco shoved her to the ground, cackling. She slashed out only to hit thin air. The cackling appeared all around her. Suddenly, a thrown dagger shot out of the darkness and slashed her cheek open. More demented laughter. Another blade caught her thigh. Shaco cackled. All her wounds bleeding, she knew she didn’t have much time. Another laugh and a blur flashed towards her. Kat launched her dagger. It struck. Shaco fell to the floor, the knife in his throat. Kat spat blood and limped back onto the deck.

    Kayle deflected a blast of purple energy with her sword before lunging at Morgana. Unseen, Graves crept round behind her levelling his gun. Fate sprinted in just as Graves cocked his gun. Fate launched a yellow card at his rival and jumped at him. The card struck Graves, unleashing golden light and stunning him. Fate hit him and they glowed green before teleporting.
    Yi sprinted towards Shen, blade drawn. Shen turned and dashed up the mountain. He reached the top and disappeared over the edge. Yi reached the top and stopped. In front of him was a lake of lava covered in small, floating bits of land. Shen stood on the centre rock, swords drawn. Yi jumped to the first one, before sprinting and leaping one to another until reaching Shen. Yi attacked, his katana flashing. Shen responded with equal aggression, blades twirling. Shen flipped to another small island. Yi followed with blinding speed, and slashed Shen on his shoulder and chest. Yi put all his strength into his next blow and knocked one of Shen’s blades into the lava. He then blocked two attacks and kicked Shen in the gut. The ninja doubled over. Yi knocked Shen’s blade aside and rammed his deep into Shen’s chest.
    “It is done,” he said, flicking the blood off his katana and walking away.
    Morgana blasted at Kayle once more.
    “Pantheon,” she shouted.
    The warrior stepped in front of Kayle as Morgana grabbed the last part of the Trinity, and joined all three pieces together.
    “Hold here. I’ll be back with the Baron,” she yelled, flying off.
    Kayle blocked a spear thrust and shot back a fireball. Pantheon blocked and advanced on Kayle. Suddenly, his face contorted and he struck out backwards with his spear. Pantheon dropped to the ground a sword in his back. Gangplank slumped behind him, the broken end of the spear in his chest.
    “Go,” he said before his eyes glazed over.
    Kayle shot up into the air and flew after her sister.

    Fortune lay in a pool of blood, Lux slumped beside her unconscious. Xin blocked both of Akali’s scythes before thrusting his spear into her chest. As she died, she slashed with her scythes, catching Xin in the gut. He kicked Akali away, before clasping his gut and dropping to his knees beside Lux. He moved her off the battle field.
    Garen spun in a circle, great sword extended, and cut through Vayne’s small crossbow. Vayne rolled backwards and drew a huge crossbow from her back. She shot at Garen. The arrow struck his left shoulder.
    “This is for my home,” he whispered. “DEMACIA!” and he launched his sword. The blade struck her chest, knocking her backwards and pinning her lifeless body to the ground.

    Fate and Graves appeared in the ruins of an old town. They were a street length apart. A deck of cards spun around Fate. Graves walked towards him with his shotgun.
    “Always the trickster,” he called.
    Fate launched the cards at Graves, and at the last second shot off a red one. Graves dodged the normal cards but was hit dead on with the red one. A huge explosion rocked the ground. All that remained of Graves was a massive crater in the ground where he had stood.

    Lux rose unsteadily to her feet. Garen hugged her. Xin slapped Garen’s back.
    “Demacia lives on,” he said.
    “Not for long,” a voice yelled.
    The Demacians were knocked off their feet by a cloud of metal shards. Cuts and blood appeared all over them.
    “Mordekaiser,” growled Garen. Xin and Lux still lay on the ground, wounds too bad to let them get up. Garen sprinted at Mordekaiser, blade coming down in a vicious arc. The metal Lord blocked the blow and shot out a ball of metal. Garen flew backwards and hit the ground. He used his sword to help him get up. Lux got up behind Mordekaiser, followed by Xin. Mordekaiser laughed. “Time to die Demacian.”
    He shot out a cloud of metal that surrounded Lux, and leapt at her. Lux couldn’t free herself from the shards. Mordekaiser’s mace came down. The blow smashed Lux’s shoulder, and the second caught her in the stomach. She flew backwards and crashed to the ground. Blood poured from her wounds. She was dead.
    “NOOOO!” screamed Garen, anger boiling over. He charged Mordekaiser. Xin went to help but the Lord summoned a ghost clone of Lux to stop him.
    “Die,” snarled Garen as he beat at Mordekaiser’s defence. He spun in an arc, knocking the Lord’s mace aside, but his sword just missed him. Mordekaiser brought his mace around and sent Garen flying, his sword landing twenty feet away.
    “This is Demacian justice,” said Garen, golden light coating his hand and his far off sword. The Lord raised his mace. The sword shot into the air.
    “Demacia!” yelled Garen, before the blade punched down, deep into Mordekaiser. The ghost Lux evaporated as its master died.
    ‘Lux,” whispered Garen. “Goodbye my sister.” He wept.

    Morgana reached a small lake surrounded by rocks. She raised the Trinity above her head.
    “Oh Baron, Lord of the serpents, I summon you to bring back the darkness of this world.”
    Light surrounded the Trinity. The lake stirred. Kayle flew in above Morgana and smashed her sword into the Trinity. The talisman exploded, blowing the sisters apart. A deep bellow filled the air and a huge serpent shot from the lake. Kayle smiled.
    “The Trinity was destroyed when it was summoned. The Baron will be easily beaten by up to five champions,” she said, as she disappeared into the air.
    “No, no,” groaned Morgana, flying up and shooting away.

    Kayle arrived back with what was left of her team.
    “I heard the roar,” said Yi. “Did you defeat the Baron and Morgana?”
    “My sister flew away before I could stop her but I destroyed the Trinity and the Trinity whilst the Baron was summoned so he is severely weakened. It will only take about four or five champions to defeat it,” replied Kayle.
    “So, will we go and defeat the Baron?” asked Kat.
    “It is so weak that it won’t attack anyone, and anyway it’s one of the Eldar beasts and will just come back,” said Kayle.
    “The Baron is weak, and Morgana has lost – great work,’ grinned Yi.
    “Aye, we have won, but at great cost,” said Garen.
    “I have heard of a man called Yorick,” added Fate. “It is said that he can bring back the dead.”
    “Then that is where I will go,” said Garen.
    “We will all go,” added Kayle.

    Morgana flew into the vault of sals. Lanterns lit the night. A figure approached holding a spade.
    “Yorick,” said Morgana.
    “My lady,” he replied, “you brought what I requested?”
    Morgana handed over the only surviving piece of the Trinity. Yorick took it. Golden light surrounded him. Nine orbs appeared in the clearing. The orbs vanished and Morgana’s team appeared on the ground –alive.
    The fallen angel laughed.

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    Hey there buddy - If I'm correct, this is a LoL (the MOBA game) fan-fiction. I believe it rather belongs in the Off-Topic section, along with few other topics that are already there (some users wrote fiction and posted it, but it wasn't TQ related).

    Not saying you should stop, on the contrary!
    Though, there seems to be a lot of characters, it would be great if we had some background and introduction, it's sort of messy (confusing) this way :P

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    I agree with Alek. You're story has great potential, and can be very, very good. If you went through it, explained a few things. Like time, place (The final battle, for instance), background (like Alek said), and probably some more things I have missed.

    I'm an League of Legends player myself, and I find this... intriguing. Very good. If you ever get it proof-read, you should think about posting it on the LoLforums

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    Though, if you admit that DotA2 is the best game of the genre, I might forgive you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alek_tq View Post
    Though, if you admit that DotA2 is the best game of the genre, I might forgive you
    Fat chance, DotA2 is based off an archaic engine and kept it's bugs and calls them gameplay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alek_tq View Post
    Though, if you admit that DotA2 is the best game of the genre, I might forgive you
    Look below . . .

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    Fat chance, DotA2 is based off an archaic engine and kept it's bugs and calls them gameplay.

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    thanks guys im still changing a few things, and i will be puting in the names of the places, and will put in a warwick, tryndamere part to explain that lol,


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