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Thread: Found underlord impossible to play

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    well the screen looked like Egpyt, I apologize.

    Generally a good rool a thumb is: blues and purples (they start to show up in epic) are a lot less powerful than a good rare or MI with the right affixes

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    I'd give you tips if you were playing vanilla but you're not, I don't know about UL skills.

    Here are some basic tips for noobs (i'm considering you one because of the content I've read in your posts):

    1) Just cause an item is blue does not mean its the best. Congrats on getting a near-full set of oracles (no seriously, gj on that), but you really need better items. Items don't scale very well in normal, you pretty much have to re-gear every act or so to keep up pace. Try shop farming for new gear, if you can afford it. Otherwise, just farm a certain boss for better gear (typhon is great for this)

    2) You have a hale ring... Come on man, that's for melee/ranged fighters, not mages. You need resists, INT, or elemental damage. You do NOTHING with strength and that % HP is only good if you have a ton of HP, which you don't. You're getting around 50 HP from all that, which is worthless in act 4 considering your enemies are gonna be hitting you for around 300+.

    3) Dreadful amulet - you've got a lot of wasted stats there. First, you do no vitality damage. Second, you do no bleeding damage. Compleeeete waste.

    4) Stormcaller's ... Of Strength.. First off - the staff doesn't do any cold/lightning damage. As a storm mage - that's what you NEED. Second off, the base damage is SO low, that looks like an act 2 staff at most...EARLY act 2. The +1 to strom is nice, but it's not doing you any good I don't think.

    5) Charm of the Magi - not really a great item at all. The casting speed bonus is nice but tbh, not worth the crappy stats.

    6) Crystal Tear - bleeding damage and vitality damage wasted for you. The cold/lightning, may be worth something if I knew how many points you invested in shards tree and lightning skills. ( i see ice shards, squall, thunderball and lightning blast, that tells me you are probably spread REALLY thin.)

    7) Like I said above - I think you're really spread thin in terms of your skills.

    8) Stats - you could use more DEX I think. 100 is REALLY low. While you DO need lots of INT, you also need DEX so you can survive a bit better. DEX increases your DEFENSE ABILITY as well as your OFFENSE ABILITY. You don't need the OA for obvious reasons (i hope, if not say something), but DA will severely minimize the damage taken from physical damage. DA and Armor are VITAL to surviving some of the enemies in act 4, since they do primarily physical, pierce, and vitality damage.
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    The stormcaller staff is the best one ive found so far...ive found lots of +8% cold/fire/lightning staffs, but i think thats less than +1 to all storm skills...does base staff damage affect skill damage at all? Because i never even use the staff attack because its too slow...

    I also found a LOT of staff of khepers. That gives me +15% cold damage, but i rely almost entirely on lightning damage anyway...standing still firing ice shards started getting sucidal in act 3. My strategy for typhon was to use squall to lower his resists then lightning bolt, while hiding behind the statues.

    Crystal tear is the best artifact i found, rest are all piercing/poison/etc.

    Keep getting melee rings/amulets too.

    Im wearing the hardy ring for the +25 int actually...havent found anything better either.

    Skill wise it looks something like this :

    -Maxed thunderball and concussive blast
    -Maxed ice shards and velocity, two points in torrent for 3 projectiles
    -Maxed lightning bolt, one point in chain lightning
    -One point in storm nimbus, static charge and spellbreaker
    -One point in storm wisp and eye of the storm
    -40 points in storm mastery

    I didnt realise dex would make a large difference in survivability...i was going all int to raise damage. Guess i will use the defiler to reallocate some stat points.

    How does armor work? Is there a large difference between 100 and 200 armor for example?
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    Armor soaks 66% of damage upto the rated value.

    If you get hit for 50 damage, then 100 and 200 armor pieces both reduce the damage to 16,5. If you get hit for 200 damage, you take 133 damage with 100 armor and 67 damage with 200 armor.

    You can get hit on your chest (40% chance), legs, head or arms (20% chance each). Each body part uses it's own armor, not the combined armor.

    You should increase your health, that is your top priority.
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    Farming typhon(includes greens and blues dropped from trash mobs) :

    Run 1 : Imperial bracers, arcane formulae for shroud of eternal night, stormcaller talisman, silver signet ring of thunder

    2 : Arcane formulae for shadow veil, Stout crown of augury, light jewelled wraps of the pegasus, spellbound gold talisman

    3 : Mirage, electrified saber of feasting

    4 : Nothing

    5 : Flaming twin blade of frost, grim trackers bow of fire, junglerot greaves, blood thirsty edged mace of feasting

    6 : Imperial armor, sacred crescent shield, radiant solid leggings of spirit

    7 : Indomitable talisman of survival, annuling talisman of the lynx, arcane formulae druidic wreath

    8 : Cyclopean gilded phyrgian shield of needles, hardy armlet of spirit, vest of the wandering goat, spellweaver's arcon staff of flame

    9 : archon staff of feasting, scholar's bangle, lazarus helm

    10 : Captain's signet

    11 : Bloodrage formulae, ceremonial mongolian great helm of reasoning

    12 : nothing

    13 : Cinderbolt formulae

    14 : Signet ring of the osprey, insulated gilded phyrgian shield of refuge, ravenous archon staff of feasting
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    Once I've bought Honor Guard's robe of something from the trader in Medea's Grove (second place in act 4), gives Pierce and Stun resist, would really help for survival.

    Right now you need some extra HP and some resistances. For HP you need either gear or second mastery. Usually in Normal it's more beneficial to put max masteries fast to get stat and HP boosts.

    About second mastery for storm - in original TQ/TQIT it's either Earth to get Core Dweller and Eruption, spirit for Ternion Attack (if you want to use your staff) and powerful summon, or Dream for some extra survivability and crowd control, also gives a pet that distracts bosses and controls monsters.
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    This early in the game, you need to focus on either Lightning or Cold and remove all points from which ever you aren't using; Personally, I'd recommend keeping Thunderball/Concussive Blast and Lightning Bolt, and ditching the Ice Shard tree completely (Shards suck soooo much energy, especially early in the game before you have access to good -%energy cost or a huge mana pool). The gear you have and the mastery you've chosen means you're a glass cannon: you can deal enough damage with one Lightning Bolt to wipe out most mobs, but you ABSOLUTELY MUST kite, kite, kite. Use your staff to take out stragglers; if enemies are surviving Lightning Bolts, just run away, hit them with Thunderball, and hit them with Lightning Bolt again. For casters (like yourself), I've found that movement speed is vital to success, so try to find Essence of Hermes' Sandal if you can (can be farmed from chests/enemies in Act I).

    For gear, those Light Jewelled Wraps of the Pegasus actually sound pretty good. Any gear with the "of the Pegasus" suffix is great for casters because it adds +%elemental damage and +%elemental damage resistance too. Vest of the Wandering Goat is decent for early Act IV but you'll most likely want to replace it with something better as you progress. And the Indomitable Talisman of Survival sounds like something you'll want, it'll keep you from dying as much. For arms, you'll probably want something with the suffix "of the Gryphon," "of the Glade," or with +%Intelligence boosts. Most importantly though, you want some kind of attack speed boost to allow more generous use of a powerful, Lightning-based staff (you've got an awesome completion bonus on that Essence of Zeus' Lightning Bolt; KEEP THAT RELIC until you get the Epic version). Best bet for head gear is probably Hallowed (prefix), which gives +1 all skills and Vitality damage resistance. Good rings are generally those that give +%Intelligence and/or +HP increases.

    Second mastery, I'd probably go with Nature. Heart of Oak means lots more health, mastery points add +HP regeneration and pretty good base HP boosts, awesome debuff in Plague, and good summons in wolves/Sylvan Nymph.

    Keep posting material as you go and we'll keep providing feedback.
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    Thanks for all the help.

    Ive thought about ditching ice shard, but its so useful to pick off stragglers. Staff is too slow for that, lightning bolt recharge time is too long. Its quite sad that the ice trees in storm arent very useful...-15% movement is a drop in the bucket and the damage isnt that good. Theres no ice version of lightning bolt either. Decided to go with nature for HP boosts too.

    Mana isnt a problem, i can just spam pots if needed.

    Heres a picture of my current stats :

    How many attacks can i expect to dodge at this level of DA?

    Also is there any way to tell how much damage i am doing exactly? Or auto-combine charms/relics?

    Also how does penetration work? I assume it means the % of damage that bypasses enemy if i have a weapon wtih 25% penetration and a skill that gives me 50% penetration, what is the final %?
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    @Penetration Q

    No, it means it will has a % chance of passing through enemies (Unless, again, I am mistaken)

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    I'm not sure about how many attacks you can dodge, I think it's just a dice roll when an enemy attacks you; higher DA means a higher chance of missing, but the way DA works in Underlord is different from the way it worked in regular TQ/IT. Crits happen less often but hurt a lot more, and high DA will no longer grant near-immunity to melee attacks. I'm not really sure about the other changes, but I'm sure you can search and find it.

    I think there are mods that allow for seeing how much damage you do, but from what I hear they're not the most reliable. Not sure about auto-combining charms/relics; there's probably a mod that allows you to manipulate the completion bonus.

    The final penetration (i.e. the damage that ignores enemy armor) would be around 38%. Piercing refers to what percent of your attack ignores armor, and "penetration" makes pierce damage more effective. For example, say you have a spear that does 100 damage and has 25% piercing. Without a penetration modifier, the spear will deal 75 Physical damage and 25 Pierce damage; with a 50% penetration increase, the spear will deal 62 Physical damage and 38 Pierce damage.

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