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Thread: New player who picked overseer

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    New player who picked overseer

    I'm experimenting with the skills since those can be refunded if I screw up but since attributes can't be changed around I'd love some input on what to focus on, do I need INT to boost the dream spells? Should I put points in health or just focus on strength and dexterity?
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    Your optimal attribute distribution depends on the equipment you find and how you want to play the character, melee characters typically want strength and dexterity while casters want mainly intelligence with a little bit of dexterity for equipment requirements. Munderbunny and a few other Underlord veterans recommend 1str/1dex for base attributes for most melee characters (not sure which threads but look in some of the older ones within the skills & builds section). This provides enough strength for equipment and damage without having a character unable to hit or critical enemies and suffering lots of critical hits from enemies.

    Intelligence isn't very useful unless you are planning on focusing on electrical burn and vitality damage, because focused damage is stronger than dabbling across several damage types. Overseer's do not get a lot of natural intelligence, only from dream mastery, and vitality damage suffers a lot against undead enemies. Overseers lack the resistance reduction abilities necessary to break the vitality resistance of undead resulting in a large drop in damage against these enemies if you rely on vitality damage.

    Investing in health probably isn't required since both dream and defense give good health gains from the masteries and lots of defensive abilities to reduce the damage you take. If you want more health I would recommend investing some/all of the bonus attribute points from quests into health to get a little extra health without stunting your more important strength and dexterity.

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    Keep it 1:1 Str/Dex ratio all the way buddy. The raw physical damage bonus you get from Strength and the Offensive Ability and Defensive Ability from Dexterity are too good to pass up for your precious Attribute points. As already said you get a substantial Health bonus from the masteries alone, and the masteries are littered with survival-oriented skills. Playing smart makes the Health you get from masteries all the Health you'll ever need. Energy and energy management is a non-issue with Trance of Convalescence. You can consider the Vitality and EBurn damage you get from certain Dream skills as nothing more than a little bonus on top of your primarily physical damage.

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