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Thread: Latest PC Gamer Magazine Top 100 PC Games of All-Time

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    Heh, games are so subjective that is kinda hard for me to tell you what you should have put in the top. One thing I can't understand is people obsession with Final Fantasy. I personally despise them and anime in general so it is hard for me to understand.
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    Well I put in my top ten because I am relatively young (22) and didn't know what age bracket you guys were referring to when you were talking about how younger gamers were influencing the top 100 list.

    Its very subjective but you can usually find a common denominator even if they have vastly different lists. Thats how I denote classics. Not by people paid by corporations to write ass kissing articles on games. Unless it pertains to Mass Effect 3........

    I don't know about other people but Final Fantasy was my first foray into the world of role playing games. I played Final Fantasy III (VI) and the world was so vast, and the story sucked me in like the vacuum sucking the air out of that planet in spaceballs. The game mechanics intrigued me as well, however I was too young to comprehend them at a level I would be able to now.

    Final Fantasy VII came after of course, and I enjoyed the story, but found it to be overrated. Final Fantasy VIII was weird, and again I was too young to understand the abstract game mechanics because my views were so linear in levelling up. Final Fantasy IX tickled my fancy, as well as X. Then I used my mothers computer and delved into the emulator world. This is where I found Final Fantasy V. It had a job system, and I finally matured enough to understand the game mechanics behind it. It was so versatile, I was given so many options, and I looked for games like it ever since.

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