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Thread: A Question about Stats for a Soothsayer

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    A Question about Stats for a Soothsayer

    I'm going to make a Soothsayer, but before I begin I want to get her stats mapped out. I had hoped to equip legendary SBC's (144 STR, 385 DEX), but - if I've done my math correctly - that leaves me with only 482 INT at level 75. Which is not quite enough to wear the best caster gear (500-560 INT) even at max level! I'm not a fan of using stat bonuses on equipment to meet the minimum requirements for other equipment as that somewhat limits your options. I may have to abandon that idealism though. Or should I abandon the idea of wearing the SBC's? What are the stats like on some of your Soothies?

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    My Soothie is mostly Int. Legendary SBC put a huge strain on any caster's stats, not just for the Dex but also the Str. You get nothing from Spirit or Nature and have to find an extra 94 Str from somewhere for the 144 Str requirement for +3 SBC. You will get some from quests but it still means investing some points in Str or allocating gear slots for either +% Str or -% requirements.

    I honestly wouldn't aim for +3 Cuffs but rather settle for the Epic variant. You still get +2 and the requirements are a more modest 297 Dex and 120 Str iirc.

    I don't think Soothies need all those +skills really. There are many, many items that grant + to either Nature or Spirit. As an Int-based toon, you are guaranteed to find Druid's and Theurgist's amulets and staves in Legendary. That's +4 to each mastery right there. Of course, it won't be your regular gear, just swap-out items for casting the pets.

    In addition to those items, you should expect to find Robes of Calchas or Loratian Greaves, two quite common blue items. So that's at least another +1 to all. Hallowed helms are also quite common from early Epic on, even late Normal. So that's another +1 to all.

    Then there are other uniques as well as artifacts to boost your skills. I don't think a Soothie should struggle at all to have +3 skills permanently, with another +4 to each mastery when casting pets. Add in a Mastery shrine, and you should be able to cast your pets at around +11 to all their skills. That's without even Normal SBC. Add in Epic SBC and you've got around +13 to all pet skills.

    You can save an awful lot of points this way and get very strong pets without having to neglect your own skills like Ternion, Plague or Deathchill aura.

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    Thanks for the advice Irma!

    I've crunched some numbers, and if I aim for Epic SBC's instead of the Legendary version, by alternating levels of STR+DEX and levels of INT a Soothsayer will be able to wear them at level 61 WITHOUT any assistance from other gear. This isn't so bad, because at level 47 (when by my plan she'd have enough naked strength to wear Epic SBC's) only 55 DEX is required which can easily be gotten with gear and/or charms.

    I have a related question: would you recommend the same plan for a pet-based ritualist?

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    Ritualist, unlike Soothie, is very capable in melee. Phantom Strike, Psi Touch, Lucid Dream and Premonition all give melee help. A Soothie doesn't even get a LMB attack for melee weapons. But, if you're playing a Ritualist caster, it's also worth noting that Dream can do significant spell damage via the EBD spells Psionic Immolation and Temporal Rift. So I'd be more inclined to pump Int for a Ritualist than a Soothie, who gets almost no boosts to elemental damage and may instead opt for +% Health Reduction which doesn't require any attribs.

    So I'd definitely not aim for +3 SBC for Ritualist, and I'd even hesitate to use +2 Cuffs. Normal SBC are good because Dream gives you the Str required and you'll need the modest Dex in order to use mage gear anyway.

    My Soothie is currently at level 60 in Act III Legendary and has:
    125 Str
    733 Int
    300 Dex

    She uses Epic SBC, Crown of Dockma'Ar and Hand of Gaia. With swap-out Druid's staff and amulet, she is able to cast her one point Nymph at level 9, level 13 if she finds a Mastery shrine.

    My caster Ritualist is level 62 in Act IV Legendary and has:
    170 Str
    962 Int
    220 Dex

    She uses Hallowed helm and Robes of Calchas for +skills. Even though she could wear Normal SBC, I use The Frail instead for -resistances. Again with swap-out Druid's amulet and staff, I'm able to cast my one point Nymph at level 7, level 11 if I come across a Mastery shrine.

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