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Thread: Need advice on my diviner

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    This will probably be my next toon.
    Planning something like this:
    Am I missing anything here?

    Could also try to get DW tree, but with the Ternion being bread & butter move I might not really need it?
    Better lose 11 points in DR also
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    I am new to this game.. so take my opinion with a grain of salt I was using Poinas build "as is" and it works beautiful so far! My diviner is flying through epic (46 lvl now) and I had no deaths in Act 4 normal after doing few modifications as advised in this thread.

    Regarding your build from my prospective:
    -why do you have 2 trances maxed in Dream tree? You may put few points in ToE at lower lvls for better HP regen but I had no need for it. I just had staff with 7% attack to HP +Anubis in normal and it was enough with Deathchill and Necrosis maxed. In epic you will get Harrowing staff +Anubis relic. I am now using ToW only and with extra reduction in resists - bosses drop like flies (also extra aura dmg is very nice)
    -I would max premonition - extra DA is nice
    -I havn't used sands of sleep. Temporal rift is good enough and great dmg for extra crowd control. I found it especially great for archers/casters as they are more spread out.
    -You may want to max out Death Nova for more HP reduction to enemy for LK
    -I am not bothering with DW tree too. Ternion is top priority. I have Ternion on LMB and Distort Reality on RMB. It works great for me so far.
    Everything else in your build looks good to me.

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    Hey sash, yeah thats one thing you've already noticed on the forums. Theres a great deal of useful and helpful and really well written guides, but sometimes (whether it be due to the order you find items in, if you're "twinking" or not, whatever) you'll find yourself modifying or deviating from them. I wouldn't worry, I don't think any of the guide writers will take offense or care if you change things up to suit your playstyle better

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    Very true gotaplanstan Though my end build will look almost exactly the same as from the guide. I hope I will get similar gear setup. Poinas end stats look great. Hopefully, I will get lucky with drops.

    My biggest concern/confusion with this build is attributes allocation. I am afraid to spent any new points to attributes It seems I need more of everything str, int and dex. I want to have str high enough for defensive gear but I don't know how much I can get through gear. It seems investing in Str and Int is a way to go now as most gear has low Dex requirements... but my DA may suffer. My solution - not to spend any for a while and hope for the

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    Sands of Sleep and ToW is a contrary combo because ToW wakes up sleeping monsters so it negates the usefulness of the spell. Unless you switch to ToE for archer mobs. But then I'd rather have ToC anyway. Imo ToE is really only useful with max numbers of pets (5 or more) as a reflect damage tool against Barmanu, Yaoguai, etc.

    I wouldn't max out DR as it only adds a bit of flat physical and Vit, you get the stun (which is the useful part) with the first point. Instead, I'd use those points in DW and maxed PI. That skill alone will take you past all the trash mobs in Normal, before you can get your ...of Harrowing staff.

    Even in Legendary, it's damaging and very useful. Being able to slow incoming mobs by 50% means you can have the odd Ternion mis-click and it's not serious. Even with Ternion going at point blank range, you can miss monsters and get hit. If they're under the effects of DW/PI, you reduce those hits by 50%. It's also a very good way to mitigate the rush/stun attacks of Armorites/Machae Wardens.

    I'd also put a point in Vision of Death. That is one way (albeit not the most effective way) to deal with archer mobs. Just nail the Machae Hero/Master/Grandmaster archers with VoD and you should be able to finish them off with Ternion quite easily. With just one point in it, anything that you VoD will have a 66% chance to miss you with either melee or ranged attacks for a whopping 11 seconds.

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    The two trances maxed was because it was late and I was tired
    vision of death, maybe one point yeah, but my previous toons that have that one pointer never used it. It just doesn't target enough enemies.
    I've used DW + PI before I know it's really good, but I won't put points in this until I feel I need it.
    this looks like a reasonable base buils, from there I can start thinking about maxing death nova or getting DW

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    Yes, it's not a mob control skill as the radius isn't large enough. I just use it to target the deadly individuals among the mob, like War/Doom Horn Centaurs, Grandmaster Archers, Mellinoe/Formicid champions, Black Tigermen, Vindicators and the like. With them out of commission, the trash becomes a lot easier.

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    Yep, that's why it's a skill I only pick whenever I feel I need it. And because it's an easy one pointer ofc

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    I ran through epic difficulty and did not get even close to dying. This build is great! I don't know how it compares to other builds yet (I am new to this game) but this diviner feels very powerful (especially for untwinked toon). Now I am pawning Legendary Act 1 at lvl 57. Thanks all and Poinas for an excellent guide ~

    I was lucky with few drops and got Visor of the Shadowlord, SBC (epic +2) and Mantle of Sanjun. I am still using staff from early epic. I cannot find any upgrade for harrowing staff with higher base dmg. Though mobs and bosses drop like flies anyway.

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    I started a little deviner myself yesterday, got lucky right away and scored a Siphon in act 1.
    Lifeleech and manaleech is just excellent so early game.

    Did change my mind about DW, since it's such an early score in the dream mastery, going strong.

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