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Thread: Revenant Issue

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    Revenant Issue

    I'm a petless lvl 56 melee Revenant in Epic act 3. When mobs clump up I hit them with dual wield procs and wardance and they melt. I have the onslaught tree maxed, insidious miasma maxed, unearthly power maxed, and I have soul shiver equipped so my health is practically a bottomless pit when I can attack multiple creeps. I find that the one thing that throws a wrench in my build is spread-out archers or mages. If I place myself just right and I'm lucky, I can hit maybe three at a time. I try to disperse some with vision of death, summon the outsider and kill the ones left over before they return, but I have to close on them, without a "closer" skill at my disposal, to use that strategy. I know later in the game that may not be an option, they'll nuke me down before I can reach them. I've spec'd into bone spire but respec'd when I found it did paltry damage even when I invested a lot of points in it. I'm assuming I need higher intelligence to make proper use of it? I have several +% to vitality and physical damage items but it doesn't seem to help. Any insight into how to make bone spire useful, or utilizing other skills?
    EDIT: Also, what Str/Dex distribution should I be going for? I have 555/392
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    I fine bone spire a bad spell for damaging, however the 2 synergies makes it the best healing spell in the game. You can easily heal yourself 5 k just by firing it into a pack of mobs. So when you've killed the melee, just use the bonespire, should you get low. It benefits from + str and + phys damage, so its damage becomes better (not on-par with a lot of other spells) but enough to always heal you full. Point investment helps very little, so there's no point in doing that.

    You should instead max acid rain. It slows, reduces damage (flat) and armor, and has quite a huge AoE. Should be able to hit most group of archer with it.

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    So what point distribution for bone spire would you suggest? Put a point in each & it does no damage & no healing haha. Entertaining the idea of maxing skeletons and their synergy and investing the rest in battle standard. Unearthly power has a 15 meter radius so we'd be doing sick damage, and I could use them to close the gap and draw attention. I love acid rain but unless I max it it's not gonna help much will it?
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    Another question: Why do pets suck so hard? I invest 16+ points into them and they can't do shit for damage, can't absorb damage, can't do anything. What's the logic here to make pets so costly to invest in and so ineffectual in the 2 later acts? Are pets (at least skeletons and ancestral warriors) just pointless altogether unless you're rolling some tailored pet-build? I want to incorporate an undead army into my life leech dual wielding build, stack unearthly power and battle standard to buff them up, but they still can't hold their own or do any damage in Epic A4.

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    Pets are legendary point hogs. They are ineffectual mainly on the last 2 acts of Normal though. If you want them to deal significant damage, you need pet boosting gear for sure. Well, aside from Liche King +% reduction to health shenanigans like Outsider anyway. I don't use Ancestral Horn, so can't comment. For most tankish pets though, it's not the base skill that's important for survival but their synergy (such as Liche's Wraith Shell). They are not pointless, you just need more points (maybe gear too). =)

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    Yea, being a revenant, all my gear is tied up in resists and damage. Don't really have space for pet gear. I've never even seen any decent pet gear.. Really, I think that they should at least require half the points that they do to be maxed. Just seems ridiculous, there are so many better options for the points. MB, if you're reading this, what's the reasoning behind it? Is it really balanced? 32 points into skeletons that can't really hold their own in half the game (A3-4)? 16 points into ancestral warriors that can't do shit for damage? At least they're tanky but they don't get any aggro... At least Liche king is good, but 48 points to max him out, is it worth it?

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