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Thread: Shadow Stalker Questions

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    Shadow Stalker Questions

    I got a single point into the Shadow Stalker from the Occult tree and was pretty disappointed. He didn't do much damage and he died very quickly. Being as that I really wanted to make a Dream/Occult summoner, I stuck with it and I am now glad I did. I have a few points into Shadow Stalker and Channel and he is starting to be a force. While he still can die pretty quickly, I can see him getting more and more powerful.

    When leveling Channel, he got the Shadow Rush skill, which only gives a vague description of what it does. This ability is giving me +2 skills (which I use to resummon a more powerful version of him) and who knows what else.

    Is there anywhere that has what each skill exactly does? I'm sort of a numbers kind of guy.

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    I am unfortunately not able to provide the numbers, however having used a shadow stalker for a Looong time now i can describe each spell quite exact.

    The level 1 swaps the shadow stalker and its target, stuns and deals immense damage. (The damage and stun is increased with SS levels)

    The Aura increases Total speed, Damage, Damage arbsorbtion and gives +2 skills. With each level in the shadow stalker, Speed, damage and damage arbsorbtion increases along with a decrease in cooldown. It's about 30% total speed, 20 % total damage, +2 skills and a substantial amount of damage arbsorbtion in max level.

    The plague spell (level 10) is quite a lot like plague from nature. It slows mobs A LOT - 80 % is my guess for a few sec. It also takes away (At max level) around 55-60 % of the health of each enemy hit, along with draining a large amount of mana. The health reduction increases slightly with level, the mana reduction increases, the slow increases slightly and i think it spreads more, but i'm not sure on this.

    The spawns are simply just small minions which suicides onto nearest enemy (or nothing, if there are no enemies in the area within 3-4 sec) and deals damage and leaves a Vitality decay dot. The amount of spawns increases with level, and their damage of course increases. I think it's 11 spawns at max level.

    The last spell is a paralysing chain, much like the one from chail lightning. It deals quite a lot of damage and paralyses targets hit. The amount of targets hit increases slightly (i believe) the damage increases and the duration of paralysis increases slightly (i think).

    All the spell are dependant on leveling the shadow stalker, and it takes a lot of points to get the Shadow stalker up to full speed, but at full speed it can solo bosses, clear packs in second and is (what i believe) amongst the very best pets in the game.

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    Thank you for your response

    I didn't know the aura gave damage absorb. I'm pretty sure this pet is my new favorite.

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    I have 3 pts in shadow stalker and 3 in the spells synergy. At level 3 I think the SS is casting all of the spells. At least I can see the aura and plague on my screen. Is this a bug? Aren't they supposed to unlock? I don't know if I should put points into the synergy if I am getting everything for just 1 point?
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