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Thread: [RELEASE] Diablo 2 Immortal ~ BETA 1.12

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    Sorry for double posting, but no one answers...

    Is this a bug?
    When putting skills in Barbarian Frenzy or Concentrate its like this:
    1 skill point -> current skill lvl 1
    3 skill points -> current skill lvl 2
    5 skill points -> current skill lvl 3

    Is this normal? this means 20 skill points -> current skill lvl 10

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    Olympian God Violos's Avatar
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    Hey. Didn't see your edit there.

    The Barbarian skills show these levels because I based them on some trickery with the Onslaught template, which the automated tooltip is not made for. Just stick to what the "PER LEVEL" description says.

    Quote Originally Posted by nebunelux View Post
    As I understand, the initial strike has physical and piercing damage but the AoE from Lightning Fury does ONLY lightning damage. So does flat or % lightning damage from the spear help the AoE?
    % lightning damage anywhere helps. And intelligence.
    The spear itself inflicts its own damage and any added weapon effects. But yes, the AoEs add both just what they say, and don't create some radius-splash of the spear.

    Quote Originally Posted by bludrain View Post
    In Diablo2, the duration of "Shout" gets longer per skill level.
    How about making it last longer? 10 second limit looks way too short.
    I changed that skill a bit. As you see it now grants quite a bit of absorption of all damage, in exchange for a shorter duration. That way it works more like an actual warning shout / steroid in a specific dangerous situation, as opposed to a permanent buff.
    Maye when I got some more feedback on that we can look at it again.

    I found a bug. "Peng Claw" has no damage bonus.(has nothing)
    You probably mean the completion bonus?
    That is an old bug. I could fix it, but it was not caused by the mod. It does not change that Relic.

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    Not completion bonus.
    I have a peng claw(not completed) and no contents on the charm.
    Check it, please.

    I understand your intention about Shout skill.
    Thank you for explanation.

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    I really don't feel like the balancing is up to the level where it should be.In D2 when you have 3 or 4 points in the summon skeleton mastery you can allready summon 2 or 3 skels ( i don't remember)Here you invest 2 levels in skels ( one in the mastery and 5 in the skels) and you can summon one measly skel ???

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    As I understand it you are not talking about balance, then, but about the adaptation of that skill.

    Not all skills were copied exactly as they are in D2, since TQ offers different conditions -or possibilities- in some places.

    Pets, for example, get most of their power from the gear you collect for them. - Which is a good thing, since it does not limit your power scaling to one skill you can max relatively soon. And which is even more true in D2I, since I added higher tiers of those items and relics that add life.

    The flip side of this is that too many pets would multiply those added powers to unfair dimensions. Or they would have to be so fragile in turn that the slightest AoE wipes them all out.

    Plus, having too many pets (which cannot walk through each other) becomes a mess in TQ. And you already get up to 9 permanent ones.

    So yes, there are fewer pets. But relative to the game, their balance should be ok now.
    I even buffed the entire class in 1.12, just to allow easier access to less accustomed petmasters.

    It is a very different playstyle, with its own challenges, but also several advantages in the later game that other classes do not have.
    If your skellies seem too weak, try a Golem first. Maxing him early gives you an unstoppable tank.
    Last edited by Violos; 11-25-2011 at 09:07 AM.

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    Thanks for the mod Violos. I have some questions for you or anyone who plays and understands its mechanics. I am trying to play Necromancer, but i don't know which attribute benefits his bone/poison skills or is it just +skills, weapon equipped or combination of those? Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivcho View Post
    play Necromancer, but i don't know which attribute benefits his bone/poison skills or is it just +skills, weapon equipped or combination of those? Thanks in advance.
    There is no attribute which increase your poison damage. U can only increase it by +X to skills or with items that give +%poison damage.

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    Olympian God Violos's Avatar
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    True. The Necromancer's abilities (pets, poison, physical spells) generally depend less on stat points, so it is up to you which way you build him.

    The magical/fire damage on Teeth, Bonespear and Corpse Explosion benefits from intelligence, but since that is only a part of the effect, the boost is not as important unless you specialize in those.
    And of course int is useful to hold better staves which grant pet bonuses and energy regeneration. But then again, heavy armor and a big club also have their benefits.

    A good way to improve the Bonespear is to load it with weapon effects (slow, stun, extra damage) since it has the unique ability to deliver those.

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    hi violos,
    i figured out, while playing with my gf (the 2 sorc/necr), that weaken is in my opinion overpowered..
    a few problems that i have with that spell:
    it reduces the damage of archers by 80-90%
    u can spam it on almost every mob AND
    on every enemy in that mob because of its high range even on lvl 5-8
    the -350 AQ causes enemys to often not hitting (especially archers), and never crit.
    forthermore the -500 strength reduce the damage too.

    think about nerfing or changing or removing some effects.
    in my eyes it would be enough, if weaken only affects total damage and, lets say, AQ.
    andariel hit me for ridicoulus 77dmg. zentaur HEROS for 25-27 instead of ~180-200.


    p.s: were lvl 44

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    Olympian God Violos's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Thanks for pointing that out.
    Actually, you found a bug nest. A rather interesting one, at that.

    I tested all parts of this today, and it turned out that on this kind of debuff

    - OA reduction does not work. Not even in two other ways. (Archers don't use that, btw.)
    - Any % damage mods only apply to damage the buff inflicts, not to the monster.
    - Lowering strength into negatives sets physical damage to zero!

    So two of the effects were doing jack, while the third was so powerful I didn't notice.

    A danger when making skills with too many effects at once... which I usually avoid. Though here it is necessary, since reducing damage throughout the game is not as easy as it sounds.

    A flat -x mod, for example, is of no use at all due to the sheer span of monster damage. But even -% are not as good, because what reduces 100% -> 50% in normal only has an effect like 250% -> 200% in legendary du to the current monster scaling.

    So now I reworked it to use none of those, but instead lower the attack speed, add a chance to miss, and reduce strength to 1%.
    That way the blows themselves will not be that much weaker (by about 1/3, depending on the enemy), but the damage output is lowered consistently throuhout the difficulties.
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