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Thread: So i finally completed a mythic artifact

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    So i finally completed a mythic artifact

    So this evening i finally completed my first mythic artifact - The All-Seeing Eye. Now my character already have insane enough gear, that + skills is less useful than boar hides (maxed EVERY skill in storm and hunting, and still have 11 spare skill points). And guess what.. The mythic had a completion bonus of +2 all skills (4+ all skills combined)

    Anyway this thread isn't made entirely to brag (although it feels good ). I wanted to find out what completion bonuses the mythic artifacts can have. In any other instance i would learn from experience, but seeing these are mythic, take quite a while to make, they require a lot of rare formulas, and there only are 2 different mythic artifacts, i can't be bothered.

    So what are the possible completion bonuses on mythic artifacts? (Vault won't tell me)
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    Both mythic artifact have the same possible bonus as legendary crystal of erebus which are:

    • offensive_reducedattackspeed_03 -> 66% slower attack speed on enemies
    • Crystal_Protection_03 -> flat bonus to armor
    • Crystal_EnergyHealth_03 -> flat bonus to health/energy + bonus %energy regen
    • Crystal_TotalDamage_03 -> 30%total damage bonus
    • rare_skillall_02 -> +2 all skills
    • Crystal_XP_03 -> +15% bonus exp
    • rare_ritual_03 -> ritual lvl3 (same you find on amulets)
    • Crystal_ResistAll_03 -> +20% bonus to elemental, poison, pierce and vitality resists
    • Crystal_%StrIntDex_03 -> +15% bonus to str, int and dex

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    All right thanks =) Could really use that 15% all stat or the 30 % total damage ;/

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