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    Quote Originally Posted by Violos View Post
    But what's that on your head?
    Did you know that in normal, you can get class wigs from Bishibosh?
    It's the Oracle's Wreath. Too good to pass up (already had two other set pieces as hand-me-downs).

    Are you talking about the former satyr shaman that Diomedes sends you to kill? I didn't even notice he got that name, heh. If so, I killed him about 35 times and never found a necromancer look. Nor an amazon look for that matter. I got all the others though, stuck them in storage. Barbarian looks dropped like candy at a parade. Tried the same thing with the giant boar in Lilith (about 10 runs).
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    Hello there,

    here's another new player trying out D2I. I started with a pure sorceress and got incredibly lucky. I'm currently wearing all three "of the Magi" MI's ... and that's some insane faster cast
    Also i'm going Fire/Cold with her. Well at the moment she's pure fire, but ice will come into the equation soon enough.
    I just reached Megara and i even stumbled upon the surprise that is to be found at the spartan road. It chased me back all the way to the rebirth fountain at the spartan highlands before i managed to take it down.

    I really like what i've experienced so far and the loading screen's line was pure bliss when i first heard it!
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