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Thread: Darklighter's Class Completion Challenge!

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    I've got 21 toons in progress in various difficulties of the game:

    Beatrix, Elementalist, lvl 43, Epic Act I
    Craig, Oracle, lvl 35, Normal Act III
    Dante, Bow Avenger, lvl 47, Epic Act I (finished Normal as a pure Hunter)
    Diarmud, Corsair, lvl 39, Normal Act III
    Galen, Slayer, lvl 36, Normal Act III
    Gilt, Spellbinder, lvl 35, Normal Act III
    Grimgoethe, Harbinger, lvl 35, Normal Act III
    Manassas, Conqueror, lvl 35, Normal Act III
    Nikolos, Warlock, lvl 15, Normal Act I
    Nimrod, Ranger, lvl 39, Normal Act III
    Octavia, Evoker, lvl 35, Normal Act III
    Pandora, Magician, lvl 15, Normal Act I
    Periwinkle, Diviner, lvl 63, Legendary Act I
    Pertwee, Bow Brigand, lvl 67, Legendary Act I
    Sebastian, Spellbreaker, lvl 45, Epic Act I
    Siobahn, Bow Sage, lvl 35, Normal Act III
    Tassandra, Warden, lvl 69, Legendary Act IV (finished)
    Treehorn, Bow Haruspex, lvl 66, Legendary Act III
    Turok, Ranger, lvl 47, Epic Act I
    Valkyria, Bown Charmer, lvl 35, Normal Act III
    Zontar, Templar, lvl 38, Normal Act III

    I reckon if any new toons are born I can update this list. And hopefully it won't take too long to get all the Normal toons into Epic. Also, I hope the people who partake of this challenge will post their character list with names, levels, progress, etc. As for twinking, some of my early efforts were twinked, but I don't twink anymore. Any ironclad rules on this issue for this challenge, Darklightr?
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