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Thread: Multiplayer Destiny mod.

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    Multiplayer Destiny mod.

    I am trying to play multiplayer with a friend, but when we load Destiny and try to join a game none come up. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?
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    Workaround A)

    1) go to your TQIT resources folder
    2) look for levels.arc
    3) copy it
    4) go into my documents, my games, TQIT, custom maps, destinies, resources, and paste the map there.
    5) if there is a map.arc already, rename it to something else, then rename levels.arc to map.arc
    6) viola, you can now play via custom quest rather than bounceback method.

    Workaround B)

    1) make a copy of your whole TQIT folder.
    2) figure out how to build destinies into the game itself.
    3) ?????

    (workaround A works, just do that one, B is a lot of work)
    edit: thats alot of mentioning of work!
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I followed the workaround but it still bounces back.

    Copy levels.arc as into /custommaps/destinymod/resources/maps.arc.

    Go into Custom Game to host a game.
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